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Math 495: General Course Outline

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495. Teaching College Mathematics. Seminar, one hour. ; two-day intensive training at beginning of Fall Quarter. Required of all new teaching assistants and new Ph.D. students. Special course for teaching assistants designed to deal with problems and techniques of teaching college mathematics. S/U grading.

All graduate students who want to TA at UCLA are required to participate in university and departmental TA Training Programs no later than the first quarter in which any TA work is done. In the department of mathematics both programs are offered only in the fall quarter. Therefor they must be taken in the fall of any year in which a graduate students is going to be given a TA-ship. Departmental TA Training requires attendance at a two-day training session prior to the beginning of Fall quarter and participation and enrollment in Math 495, which meets weekly during the Fall. Students who have prior experience TAing at other universities are not exempted from this requirement. Students should consult the Graduate Advisor to sign up for departmental training.