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Graduate Courses Overview

Graduate Course Descriptions

These descriptions reflect the official program requirements for the MA and PhD in mathematics and are the official word on the acceptability of a course for degree credit.

Math 201ABC: Topics in Algebra and Analysis

Math 202AB: Mathematical Models and Applications

Math 203: Master's Linear Algebra

Math 204: Master's Analysis

Math 205ABC: Number Theory

Math 206AB: Combinatorial Theory

Math 207ABC: Topics in Number Theory

Math 208AB: Topics in Applied Number Theory

Math M209A: Cryptography

Math M209B: Cryptographic Protocols

Math 210ABC: Algebra

Math 211: Structure of Rings

Math 212: Homological Algebra

Math 213AB: Theory of Groups

Math 214AB: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

Math 215AB: Commutative Algebra

Math 216ABC: Further Topics in Algebra

Math M217: Geometry and Physics

Math 218A: Discrete Mathematics: Probabilistic Methods

Math 218B: Discrete Mathematics: Algebraic Methods

Math 218C: Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Math 220ABC: Mathematical Logic

Math 222AB: Lattice Theory and Algebraic Systems

Math 223C: Topics in Computability Theory

Math 223D: Topics in Descriptive Set Theory

Math 223M: Topics in Model Theory

Math 223S: Topics in Set Theory

Math 225A: Differential Topology

Math 225B: Differential Geometry

Math 225C: Algebraic Topology

Math 226ABC: Differential Geometry

Math 227AB: Algebraic Topology

Math 229ABC: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras

Math 233: Partial Differential Equations on Manifolds

Math 234: Topics in Differential Geometry

Math 235: Topics in Manifold Theory

Math 236: Topics in Geometric Topology

Math 237: Topics in Algebraic Topology

Math 238AB: Dynamical Systems

Math 245ABC: Real Analysis

Math 246ABC: Complex Analysis

Math 247AB: Classical Fourier Analysis

Math 250A: Ordinary Differential Equations

Math 250B: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

Math 250C: Advanced Topics in Ordinary Differential Equations

Math 251A: Introductory Partial Differential Equations

Math 251BC: Topics in Partial Differential Equations

Math 252AB: Topics in Complex Analysis

Math 253AB: Several Complex Variables

Math 254AB: Topics in Real Analysis

Math 255A: Functional Analysis

Math 255BC: Topics in Functional Analysis

Math 256AB: Topological Groups and Their Representations

Math 259AB: Operator Algebras in Hilbert Space

Math 260: Introduction to Applied Mathematics

Math 261: Game Theory

Math 264: Applied Complex Analysis

Math 265AB: Real Analysis for Applications

Math 266A: Applied Ordinary Differential Equations

Math 266BC: Applied Partial Differential Equations

Math 266DE: Applied Differential Equations

Math M268A: Functional Analysis for Applied Mathematics and Engineering

Math M268B: Topics in Functional Analysis for Applied Mathematics and Engineering

Math M268C: Topics in Applied Functional Analysis

Math 269ABC: Advanced Numerical Analysis

Math 270A: Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing: Techniques of Scientific Computing

Math 270BC: Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing: Computational Linear Algebra

Math 270DE: Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Math 270F: Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing: Parallel Numerical Algorithms

Math 271A: Tensor Analysis

Math 271B: Analytical Mechanics

Math 271C: Introduction to Relativity

Math 271D: Wave Mechanics

Math 272A: Foundations of Continuum Mechanics

Math 272B: Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Mechanics

Math 272C: Magnetohydrodynamics

Math 272D: Rotating Fluids and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Math 273: Optimization, Calculus of Variations, and Control Theory

Math 274A: Asymptotic Methods

Math 274BC: Perturbation Methods

Math 275AB: Probability Theory

Math 275C: Stochastic Processes

Math 275D: Stochastic Calculus

Math 275E: Stochastic Particle Systems

Math 285A: Seminar: History and Development of Mathematics

Math 285B: Seminar: Number Theory

Math 285C: Seminar: Algebra

Math 285D: Seminar: Logic

Math 285E: Seminar: Geometry

Math 285F: Seminar: Topology

Math 285G: Seminar: Analysis

Math 285H: Seminar: Differential Equations

Math 285I: Seminar: Functional Analysis

Math 285J: Seminar: Applied Mathematics

Math 285K: Seminar: Probability

Math 285L: Seminar: Dynamical Systems

Math 290A: Seminar: Current Literature in History and Development of Mathematics

Math 290B: Seminar: Current Literature in Number Theory

Math 290C: Seminar: Current Literature in Algebra

Math 290D: Seminar: Current Literature in Logic

Math 290E: Seminar: Current Literature in Geometry

Math 290F: Seminar: Current Literature in Topology

Math 290G: Seminar: Current Literature in Analysis

Math 290H: Seminar: Current Literature in Differential Equations

Math 290I: Seminar: Current Literature in Functional Analysis

Math 290J: Seminar: Current Literature in Applied Mathematics

Math 290K: Seminar: Current Literature in Probability

Math 290L: Seminar: Current Literature in Dynamical Systems

Math 290M: Seminar: Current Literature in Mathematics

Math 296A: Participating Seminar: History and Development of Mathematics

Math 296B: Participating Seminar: Number Theory

Math 296C: Participating Seminar: Algebra

Math 296D: Participating Seminar: Logic

Math 296E: Participating Seminar: Geometry

Math 296F: Participating Seminar: Topology

Math 296G: Participating Seminar: Analysis

Math 296H: Participating Seminar: Differential Equations

Math 296I: Participating Seminar: Functional Analysis

Math 296K: Participating Seminar: Probability

Math 296L: Participating Seminar: Dynamical Systems

Math 296M: Participating Seminar: Mathematics

Math 495: Teaching College Mathematics

Math 596: Directed Individual Study or Research

Math 599: Research in Mathematics