UCLA Artificial Intelligence & Visual Computing Laboratory

Our research focuses on the synergy between visual computing and artificial intelligence. We are dedicated to advancing technologies in the creation, representation, understanding, and optimization of digital 2D/3D content and intelligent robots.


[2024-02-26] We have 2 papers to appear in CVPR 2024.

[2024-02-16] Professor Chenfanfu Jiang awarded 2023 Science Hub awards.

[2023-10-04] We have 3 papers to appear in SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Sydney.

[2023-09-15] Professor Chenfanfu Jiang awarded Sony Faculty Innovation Award.

[2023-08-20] We successfully hosted the 22nd annual Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) at UCLA!

[2023-08-20] Congratulations to Minchen Li on joining CMU CSD as a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor!

[2023-05-05] We have 4 papers to appear in SIGGRAPH 2023 LOS ANGELES.

[2022-05-06] We have 6 papers to appear in SIGGRAPH 2022 VANCOUVER.

[2021-11-10] Our codebases for IDP and C-IPC are released: IDP-Code C-IPC-Code

[2021-08-10] Minchen Li wins the ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award.

[2021-06-04] Our paper Soft Hybrid Aerial Vehicle Via Bistable Mechanism wins the IEEE ICRA Best Paper Award on Mechanisms and Design.