Topics in set theory,
Mathematics 197, Section 1, Spring 2018, General info

The class will be taught in (modified and continuously adapted) Moore style, which means:
  1. The material to be covered is outlined in a dynamic list of definitions and problems, The notes.
    Please let me know of any errors or typos you catch so I can fix them.
  2. I will speak a little in the class meetings, mostly to motivate the definitions;
    the students do almost all the talking.
  3. The students claim which problems they can do as soon as they do them, and then they will be asked to present in class some of the problems they claim. Claims are filed by email to me; and (please) try to file them at least one day before the next class meeting, so I can schedule the class.
  4. I will try to warn you if you will be asked to present a solution, especially if the problem is difficult; but this is not always possible (or desirable), and you should not claim a problem unless you are ready to present it; if you think you know how to solve a problem but are not sure---that's the time to see me and get help.
  5. If you are called to present a problem, then you must give the instructor within a week a written solution in a form that can be reproduced and posted; this need not be typed---a legible hand-written copy which can be scanned will be sufficient.
  6. You can collaborate in solving the problems; and if you do, then you should list all the collaborators in your claims, and one of you may be called to present the solution and write it up.
  7. The students are also expected to check if the solutions presented by their colleagues are correct.
  8. If most of the students claim a problem, then we will not bother with doing it in class, but one of the claimants will be asked to submit a written solution.
  9. Each student is expected to meet with me individually or in groups frequently, partly to get help in preparing their presentations, or just to discuss a problem they found interesting.

Please try to schedule appointments on Tuesday or Thursday between 10:00 and 3:00, but I will (generally) be available for on M-W-F at the same times, except for Friday afternoons.