UCLA Analysis Seminar 
Winter 2001 
Previous quarters: Fall 1999, Winter 2000, Spring 2000, Fall 2000

Time: Fridays, 3.00pm, Location: MS 6221
Some of the speakers may arrange to speak at different times/locations. See the UCLA Math Department's weekly seminar
list for official announcements. 
Jan 12 Mark Keel, Caltech, "Global existence for Nonlinear Wave Equations Outside of Convex Obstacles"
Jan 19  Jean-Claude Guillot, U. Paris XIII, "The quantum Electrodynamics of bound states".
Jan 26 Natasa Pavlovic, U. Illinois at Chicago (visiting UCLA), "Bounds for the eigenvalue moments of Schrodinger operators"
Feb 02 Terence Tao, UCLA, "Global regularity for wave maps"
Feb 09  Duong Phong, Columbia U., "Stability of oscillatory integrals and oscillatory integral operators"
Feb 16 No seminar this week.
Feb 23  Shmuel Friedland, U. Illinois at Chicago, "On the sum and product of singular values of compact operators"
THU Mar 01 4pm Bruce Driver, UCSD, "On Smooth measures in "Infinite dimensional analysis"" MS 6627 (Note change of time, date and room)
Mar 09 Nets Katz, Washington U. at St. Louis (visiting UCLA), "Recent progress on the Kakeya conjectures".
Mar 16  Alan McIntosh, Australian National U., "The square root problem of Kato for elliptic operators"
Mar 19-23 IPAM Oscillatory Integrals and Dispersive Equations Workshop