Current and future teaching

  1. Mathematical Logic (MATH 220A, UCLA, Fall 2017)


  1. Introduction to geometric stability theory (Mini-course, IMS Graduate Summer School in Logic, National University of Singapore, Jun 2017)
    [Course abstract] [Website] [Lecture notes] [Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]
  2. Linear Algebra (MATH 115A, UCLA, Spring 2017)
    [Course page]
  3. Finite model theory (MATH 285D, UCLA, Winter 2017)
    [Course announcement] [CCLE course page] [Lecture notes, in progress]
  4. Model theory and combinatorics (MATH 223M, UCLA, Fall 2016)
    [Course announcement] [CCLE course page] [Lecture notes, in progress]
  5. Topological Dynamics and Model Theory (MATH290D-1, UCLA, Fall 2016)
    Participating seminar co-organized with Andrew Marks [Seminar page]
  6. Linear Algebra (MATH 115A, UCLA, Spring 2016)
    [Course page]
  7. Topics in combinatorics (MATH 285N, UCLA, Winter 2016)
    [Course announcement] [CCLE course page] [Lecture notes]
  8. Introduction to stability theory (MATH 285D, UCLA, Fall 2015)
    [Course announcement] [CCLE course page] [Lecture notes]
  9. Abstract topological dynamics (Mini-course, Nesin Mathematics Village, Sirince, Turkey, Sep 2014)
  10. Théorie des modèles et théorie des ensembles (Université Paris 7, M2 LMFI, TD, automne 2013)
    [Feuilles 1,2,3 par Todor Tsankov] [Feuilles 4, 5, 6, 7]
  11. Forking (Mini-course, Université Lyon 1, France, Oct 2012)
    [Lecture notes]

Fall 2017, Students from the Gyeonggibuk Science high school visiting UCLA

Spring 2016, 115A final office hours