Mingtao Xia 夏铭涛                                                                                CV

Contact information
Tel: +1 3105008401; +86 13699151876
I am a PhD candidate in the department of mathematics at UCLA. I work with Prof. Tom Chou in mathematical modeling and related problems including numerical methods, kinetic theories and social networks.

     B.S. in information and computing science, School of Mathematical Science,       Peking University, 2015-2019
     Ph.D. Candidate in Department of Mathematics,                                                   UCLA, 2019-Present
• Mingtao Xia, Lucas Böttcher, Tom Chou, Controlling epidemics through optimal allocation of test kits and vaccine doses across networks, Submitted to: IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, (2021)
• Renaud Dessalles, Yunbei Pan, Mingtao Xia, Davide Maestrini, Maria R. D'Orsogna, Tom Chou, How heterogeneous thymic output and homeostatic proliferation shape naive T cell receptor clone abundance distributions, Submitted to: Frontiers in Immunology, (2021)
• Mingtao Xia, Sihong Shao, Tom Chou, A frequency-dependent p-adaptive technique for spectral methods, In Press: Journal of Computational Physics, (2021)
• Mingtao Xia, Sihong Shao, Tom Chou, Efficient scaling and moving techniques for spectral methods in unbounded domains, In Press: SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, (2021)
• Mingtao Xia, Tom Chou, Kinetic theory for structured populations, In Press: Journal of Physics: A, (2021)
• Lucas Böttcher, Mingtao Xia, Tom Chou, Why case fatality ratios can be misleading: individual- and population-based mortality estimates and factors influencing them, Physical Biology, 17, 065003, (2020)
• Mingtao Xia, Chris D. Greenman, Tom Chou, PDE Models of adder mechanisms in cellular proliferation, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 80, 1307-1335, (2020)