I'm a fifth-year PhD candidate at Department of Mathematics, UCLA, under supervision of Joseph Teran. I obtained my B.A. degree (Mathematics, Economics and Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences) from Northwestern University in 2015. My research interests include physics-based simulation for computer graphics, computational solid and fluid mechanics, robotics, and scientific computing.

A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking, Mengyuan Ding, Xuchen Han, Stephanie Wang, Theodore Gast, Joseph Teran (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019)

A Hybrid Material Point Method for Frictional Contact with Diverse Materials, Xuchen Han, Theodore Gast, Qi Guo, Stephanie Wang, Chenfanfu Jiang, Joseph Teran (SCA 2019)

A Material Point Method for Thin Shells with Frictional Contact, Qi Guo, Xuchen Han, Chuyuan Fu, Theodore Gast, Rasmus Tamstorf, Joseph Teran (SIGGRAPH 2018)

Animating Fluid Sediment Mixture in Particle-Laden Flows , Ming Gao, Andre Pradhana, Xuchen Han, Qi Guo, Grant Kot, Eftychios Sifakis, Chenfanfu Jiang (SIGGRAPH 2018)