Software codes

Ordered by time of last update


Unfolded ISTA project

Last update November 2018

Multi-level optimal transport

Last update October 2018


TMAC: A toolbox of modern async-parallel, coordinate, splitting, and stochastic methods

Last update June 2016


Jacobi-ADMM: Parallel multi-block ADMM with o(1/k) convergence

Last update November 2015

PG-EXTRA: Proximal gradient algorithm for decentralized composite optimization

Last update September 2015

Matlab code for a three-operator splitting scheme

Last update April 2015

EXTRA: Exact gradient algorithm for decentralized optimization

Last update January 2015


Matlab code for TGV shearlet based image reconstruction algorithm

Last update April 2014

TMac: Tensor completion by parallel matrix factorization

Last update January 2014


A code of patch-dictionary method for whole-image recovery

Last update August 2013

GRock: parallel greedy coordinate descent method; Also, parallel versions of FISTA and dual ADMM codes

Last update May 2013

Code of learning circulant kernels for compressive sensing

Last update May 2013

Linearized bregman codes

Last update January 2013


Block-coordinate update (BCU) codes

Last update December 2012

LMaFit: low-rank matrix completion

Last update August 2012

Decentralized joint sparse Optimization

Last update Feb 2012

Bregman iteration error-forgetting demo

Last update Jan 2012


Gurobi mex

Last update Nov 2011, version 1.61

YALL1 and YALL1-Group: dual-ADMM based algorithms for l1 and group/joint-l1

Last update July 2011

Optimization with normalization and orthogonality constraints (e.g., |x|_2=1, X'X=I)

Last update Jan 2011


RecPC: compressive sensing with Toeplitz and circulant matrices, ADMM

Last update Nov 2010

RecPF: compressive sensing from incomplete Fourier samples, ADMM

Last update Nov 2010

FTVd: total variation color image denoising and deblurring, ADMM

Last update June 2010

FPC_AS: FPC with active-set acceleration

Last update July 2010

TV-L1 (illumination normalization) and ROF solvers by graph-cut

Last update Jan 2010, version 2.32

2009 and earlier

ISD: compressive sensing by iterative support detection

Last update Nov 2009

PGC: a graph-cut solver by preflow-push

Last update June 2008

FPC: l1 solver by iterative shrinkage and continuation, with Barzilai-Borwein step

Last update June 2008