Math 182: Algorithms

  • Instructor: Wotao Yin. Office hour: Monday and Wednesday 4-4:50pm in MS 7620B.

  • Teaching assistant: Fei Feng. Office hour: Tuesday 9:00-11:00am in MS 2961.

  • Lecture: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3-3:50pm in MS 5138

  • Discussion: Tuesday 3-3:50pm in MS 5138

  • Piazza forum

  • Pre-requisites: 3C or 32A


  • Algorithms, 4th Edition, by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

Tentative weekly plan

  1. Weeks 1 and 2: Java installation, running, and basic code writing; stack, (resizing) arrays, queues, templating, iterators, linked list

  2. Week 3: analysis of algorithms, elementary sorts

  3. Week 4: merge sort, quick sort

  4. Week 5: priority queues, heap, elementary symbol tables

  5. Week 6: mid-term exam, balanced search trees

  6. Week 7: hash tables, symbol table applications

  7. Week 8: undirected graphs, directed graphs

  8. Week 9: minimum spanning tree, shortest path

  9. Week 10: max flow, min cut


  1. Percentage: homework 35%, quiz 10%, mid-term exam 25%, final exam 30%

  2. Extra credit: up to extra 5% classroom/online participation (for online participation, we only count those posts with names).

  3. Lateness policy: No extension will be granted. No late submission will be accepted. No exceptions.

  4. Homework policy: You are encouraged to discuss homework questions on Piazza or in person. However, copying others’ solutions or programs is considered a serious violation, which will be immediately reported. You should never share your written solutions with anyone else. Posting solutions online is a serious violation. Except for the last week, there will be weakly homework assignments, which will be announced on each Friday and due at 3pm of the following Friday. The assignment with the lowest score will not count toward your final grade. Please use word processing software to type your solutions. Grading will take both correctness and clarity into consideration. Homework will submitted in class 3pm every Friday.

  5. 3-email policy: You are encouraged to take full advantage of the Piazza online forum, as well as the office hours, for questions and discussions regarding the lectures, homework, exams, and grading policy. The instructor and TA will respond up to three emails to each student. They will, however, periodically answer questions in the online forum.


  1. Mid-term exam: Monday, Feb 13, 3-3:50pm in MS 5138. There will be no make-up exam.

  2. Final exam: time and location TBA. You must write the final exam to obtain a grade for the course.

Students with disabilities

Students needing an academic accommodation based on a disability should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) located at (310) 825-1501 or A255 Murphy Hall. When possible, students should contact the OSD within the first two weeks of the term as reasonable notice is needed to coordinate accommodations. For more information visit

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