Wotao Yin

Wotao Yin
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Los Angelesb


Office: Math Sciences Building 7620B
Email: wotaoyin @ math.ucla.edu
Phone: (424) 256-5527
Fax: (310) 206-6673

Recent reports and preprints

Solving stochastic compositional optimization is nearly as easy as solving stochastic optimization

T. Chen, Y. Sun, W. Yin

Projecting to manifolds via unsupervised learning

H. Heaton, S. Wu Fung, A. Lin, S. Osher, W. Yin

Decentralized learning with lazy and approximate dual gradients

Y. Liu, Y. Sun, W. Yin

A mean field game inverse problem

L. Ding, W. Li, S. Osher, W. Yin

An improved analysis of stochastic gradient descent with momentum

Y. Liu, Y. Gao, W. Yin

Does knowledge transfer always help to learn a better policy´╝č

F. Feng, W. Yin, L. Yang

Safeguarded learned convex optimization

H. Heaton, X. Chen, Z. Wang, W. Yin

LASG: Lazily aggregated stochastic gradients for communication-efficient distributed learning

T. Chen, Y. Sun, W. Yin

Scaled relative graph of normal matrices

X. Huang, E. Ryu, W. Yin

Tight coefficients of averaged operators via scaled relative graph

X. Huang, E. Ryu, W. Yin

Book and notes

Large-Scale Convex Optimization via Monotone Operators (Draft)

E. Ryu, W. Yin

Splitting Methods in Communication, Imaging, Science, and Engineering

Editors: R. Glowinski, S. Osher, W. Yin

Compressive Sensing for Wireless Networks

Z. Han, H. Li, W. Yin


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