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About me

I am an Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics, UCLA. I obtained my Ph.D. from Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley. My advisor was Jim Pitman . Before coming to Berkeley, I obtained an engineer diploma (Diplôme d'ingénieur) from Ecole Polytechnique, France.


My research interests are probability theory, statistics and stochastic control. I worked on Brownian motion (with Steve Evans and Jim Pitman ), and random discrete objects (with Jim Pitman ). I also solved a conjecture of David Aldous on Up the River problem (with Li-Cheng Tsai ). Recently I have been working on the MLE of some statistical ranking models, and a state-dependent stochastic game (with Xin Guo and Renyuan Xu).

More generally, I am interested in topics as random combinatorial objects, stochastic differential equations and interacting particle systems with applications in finance, physics and statistics.


[16] Parallel search for information .
with T. Tony Ke, J. Miguel Villas-Boas and Yuming Zhang. Submitted.

[15] Ergodicity of the infinite swapping algorithm at low temperature .
with Georg Menz and André Schlichting.

[14] A stochastic game and stochastic free boundary problem .
with Xin Guo and Renyuan Xu. Submitted.

[13] One-dependent hard-core processes and colorings of the star graph .
with Thomas Liggett. Submitted.


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Recent talks

June, 2019: Los Angeles, ICML Oral .
Feb, 2019: Los Angeles, Combinatorics seminar .
Dec, 2018: Los Angeles, Southern California Probability Symposium .
Oct, 2018: San Francisco, AMS meeting .
July, 2018: Stanford, Workshop in memory of Larry Shepp .
Feb, 2018: Stanford, Probability seminar .
Feb, 2018: Berkeley, IEOR department colloquium .
Dec, 2017: Chicago, Probability and Statistical physics seminar .
Nov, 2017: Los Angeles, Probability seminar .
Mar, 2017: Los Angeles, Probability seminar .
Mar, 2017: Berkeley, Probability seminar .
July, 2016: Edmonton, IMS-FIPS Workshop .
Mar, 2016: Berkeley, Berkeley-Columbia Meeting in Engineering and Statistics .
Feb, 2015: Davis, Mathematical physics and probability seminar .
Feb, 2015: Berkeley, Probability seminar .
Oct, 2014: Berkeley, Student Probability/PDE seminar .
July, 2014: Saint-Flour, 44th probability summer school.
June, 2014: San Diego, Combinatorial Stochastic Processes: A conference in celebration of Jim Pitman's 65th birthday .
July, 2013: Saint-Flour, 43rd probability summer school.
Sept, 2013: Berkeley, SGSA student seminar .


In Fall 2018, I am teaching Math 31B and Math 170A.