MATH 32A-1-Differential and Integral Calculus-Winter 2019-UCLA

Lecture: MWF, 10:00am-10:50am, at Broad Art Center Room 2160E.
Professor: Wenhao Ou (, MS 5346).
Office Hours: M 2:00pm-5:00pm, or e-mail me to make an appointment.
Teaching assistant: Fei Feng(, Derek Levinson (, Christopher Strohmeier (


Textbooks: Jon Rogawski and Colin Adams, Calculus: Multivariable. Third Edition.
Description. This course introduce differential calculus of multivariable functions.

Sections Topics
13.1-13.2 Introduction, Vectors
13.3-13.5 Products, Planes in 3-space
12.1, 14.1-14.2 Vector-valued functions
14.3,14.4 Midterm 1, Arc length, curvature
14.5,14.6 Motion,
15.1-15.2 Functions of multivariable, limit and continuity
15.3 Midterm 2, partial derivatives
15.4-15.5 Differentiability, tangent planes, gradient
15.5-15.6 directional derivatives, chain rule
15.7 Optimization


- Martin Luther King, Jr, holiday, Monday, January 21

- Presidents’ Day holiday, Monday, February 18

Homework. Homework is assigned weekly and collected at the begining of the class onWednesday. Homework exercises are picked from the textbook. There is no make-up homework. The lowest two scores are dropped from the computation of your grade.
Exam Dates:
- Midterm 1: Wednesday of week 4, Jan 30,
- Midterm 2: Wednesday of week 7, Feb 20,
-Cumulative Final Exam: Tuesday, Mar 19, 8:00am-11:00pm.

Grading. For homework and exams, we will use centesimal system. In the end, we will calculate a “pre-final grade” by using the following two methods, and only the higher output will count.
- 10% Homework + 30% Best of the two midterms + 60%Final Exam.
- 10% Homework + 25% Midterm 1 + 25% Midterm 2 + 40% Final Exam.
For the final grade we will use ABC system. It depends only on the rank of your pre-final grade in the class. Roughly, the first 25% of the class will get an A (including A+, A and A-), the second 50% will get a B (including B+, B and B-) and the last 25% will get a C or lower (including C+, C , C- and D).

Academic integrity. Please review the regulations at the following website:

- Textbooks, Calculators, laptops and cell phones are prohibited during the Midterms and the Final Exam.
- There will be no make-up test. A missed test will count for a zero for that test.
- Students may work together to solve homework problems, but each student must write down his/her own solutions on separate copy. One should also write down the names of his/her collaborators.
- Exam grading complaint should be submitted to the instructor, no later than two weeks after the exam, and before the last lecture.