Updated on 01/20/2020.

Learning algorithms (under constructions)

  • Accerlated information gradient flows;
  • Wasserstein proximal of GANs;
  • Wasserstein of Wasserstein Loss;
  • Wasserstein Diffusion Tikonov regularizatoin.
  • Mean field games (under constructions)

  • Primal-Dual algorithms;
  • Primal-Primal methods;
  • Dynamical optimal transport

  • "Primal-Dual algorithm for L1 Earth Mover's distance", [Matlab] [CUDA (Ernest)];
  • "Primal-Dual algorithm for L1 Vector/Matrix optimal transport", [Matlab] [CUDA (Ernest)];
  • "Multilevel alogrithm for L1 Earth Mover's distance", [ Matlab (Jialin) ];
  • "Fokker-Planck equation", [Matlab] ;
  • "L2 Wasserstein metric via Fisher information regularization", [Matlab].
  • "Wasserstein gradient flow via Fisher information regularization".
  • "Wasserstein metric for Algebraic geometry".