I am a postdoc at Department of Mathematics of UCLA, under the mentorship of Professors Andrea L. Bertozzi and Stanley J. Osher. My research interest lies in an synergistic integration of machine learning with first principle-based approaches. I work on developing first-principle inspired conceptually simple, computationally efficient and theoretically principled optimization and sampling algorithms and novel architectures to pursue robust, accurate, private, and data-efficient deep learning. Also, I integrate advanced deep learning algorithms into the classical first principle-based models to advance molecular-scale modeling and computation of the biological systems. I received my Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from the Michigan State University (2012-2016). Here is my latest CV.

Recent Activities (Since 2018)

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  • Address: 7310 Math Science Building, Los Angeles, CA 90095

  • Email: wangbao@math.ucla.edu, wangbaonj@gmail.com

  • Phone: 517-899-6124