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A Tribute to Veeravalli S. Varadarajan

Professor Varadarajan, known to all as Raja, led a research career of lasting international influence. He was in active service at UCLA for 49 years until his retirement in 2014. His research activity continued until his death. At UCLA, with balanced emphasis upon research, exposition, teaching and mentoring he was a superb colleague who inspired respect and devotion among those lucky enough to work with him. He did sustained and significant work in at least 5 areas over his long career. His international recognitions include an honorary doctorate in physics from the University of Genoa, and the Lars Onsager medal from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. For his 60th birthday, and his retirement, conferences were held in his honor. He was a speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1974, a high honor for a mathematician at any stage of career...

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V. S. Varadarajan Memorial Conference

Join us in celebrating the life and work of V. S. Varadarajan. Over his 60 year career, his work was not restricted to one branch of mathematics. Topics covered will include areas where Varadarajan made significant contributions such as probability theory and applications to quantum theory, representation theory of Lie groups, supersymmetry, quantum groups, mathematical physics, number theory, and history of mathematics.

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There was one story which he told many times. Raja was at a kinkos type store to have an enlarged photocopy of a partiture of a Mozart piece he was learning. Since the queue was long he left the materials. When he returned there was a different attendant who asked Raja if he was Mr Mozart. To which he replied: "I wish!". And will always burst laughing. --Collected by Cristina Cadavid

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