Complex Analysis, by T. W. Gamelin

Publication Information

First printing: 2001
Publisher: Springer-Verlag, New York, Inc.
Textbook series: Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics
ISBN 0-387-95093-1 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-387-95069-9 (softcover)

The Springer web site for the book has more information, including links to pdf files for Chapters IV and IX of the book.

Solutions to Exercises

Anders Nordborg is building a web site with solutions to many of the exercises, at:

List of Errata in Second Printing

List of errata, compiled June 19, 2006: (.pdf)

Changes to First Printing

List of changes made from first to second printing: (.pdf)

Comments on Changes

There were two "major" gaffes in the first printing, which were corrected for the second printing as follows: There are various kinds of changes made for the second printing: My thanks go to the people (with special thanks to Bob Burckel) who have pointed out to me various errata in the first printing. I'm very happy to receive further comments on errata and expository lapses. My email address is
I thank you in advance. -- Ted Gamelin