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He would often complain that Algebra (though of great use) was too much admired, and so followed after, that it made men not contemplate and consider so much the nature and power of Lines, which was a great hinderance to the Groweth of Geometrie; for that though algebra did rarely well and quickly, and easily in right lines, yet 'twould not bite in solid (I thinke) Geometrie.
John Aubrey

Q. Our cat, who is thirty-five, spends all of her time in bed. She follows every move I make, and this is beginning to get to me. She never seems sleepy nor particularly happy. Is there anything I could give her? -- Miss L. McC.

A. There are no medicines which can safely be given to induce felicity in a cat, but you might try lettuce, which is a soporific, for the wakefulness. I would have to see the cat watching you to tell whether anything could be done to divert her attention.

James Thurber
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