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Fall 2018

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Topology Seminar

Wednesdays & Fridays, 3-3:50PM in MS 5148

Date Speaker Title
October 5 Topology Seminar
October 5 Happy Hour
October 12 Topology Seminar
October 19 Topology Seminar
October 26 Topology Seminar
November 2 Topology Seminar
November 7 Ali Daemi: Topology Seminar
November 16 Khovanov: Topology Seminar
November 23 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
November 30 Topology Seminar
December 7 Topology Seminar: Tim Large

Algebraic Topology

Wednesdays & Fridays, 4-4:50PM, MS 5148

Date Speaker Title
October 3 Aaron Royer (UCLA) Introduction to Cochain Models
October 5 Clover May (UCLA) A structure theorem for $RO(C_2)$-graded cohomology
October 12 Robert Housden (UCLA) Serre Classes
October 17 Bar Roytman (UCLA) Rationalization and localization
October 19 Jonathan Rubin (UCLA) Categorical models of $N_{\infty}$ algebras and operads
October 24 Ian Coley (UCLA) Commutative DGAs over $\mathbb Q$
October 26 Aaron Royer (UCLA) Stable module categories in equivariant homotopy
October 29 Christian Carrick Juvitop: $ko$ and change-of-ring isomorphisms
October 31 Andy Smith (UCLA) The polynomial de Rham complex
November 2 James Cameron (UCLA) Thick and localizing subcategories for the derived categories of cochain algebras on Borel constructions
November 5 Robert Housden (UCLA) Juvitop: Hopf invariant one
November 7 Clover May (UCLA) Sullivan algebras and minimal models
November 9 Seminar
November 14 Jon Rubin (UCLA) Proof of the equivalence
November 16 Eric Hogle (Gonzaga) $RO(C_2)$-graded cohomology of equivariant Grassmannians
November 19 Bar Roytman (UCLA) Juvitop: Intro to chromatic homotopy theory
November 21 Christian Carrick $E_\infty$-algebras in positive characteristic and generalized Steenrod operations
November 23 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
November 26 Michael Andrews (UCLA) Juvitop: Adams--Novikov spectral sequence
November 28 Alex Frederick Mandell's $p$-adic homotopy theory I
November 30 Christy Hazel (UO) The $RO(C_2)$-graded cohomology of $C_2$-surfaces
December 3 Alexander Fredrick (UCLA) Juvitop: Image of $J$
December 5 Aaron Royer Mandell’s $p$-adic homotopy theory II
December 7 Seminar


Date Speaker Title
October 15
LA Joint seminar at UCLA
November 5
caltech : chris gerig