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Past seminars: 2014/15. 2015/16 Fall 2016

Winter 2017

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Topology Seminar

Fridays, 3-3:50PM in MS 6201

Date Speaker Title
January 13 Iskhu Neithalath (UCLA) Introduction to $A_\infty$ algebras and modules
January 20 Haofei Fan (UCLA) Introduction to Fukaya categories
January 27 Bahar Acu (USC) Quivers, Floer cohomology, and braid group actions (Khovanov-Seidel paper)
February 3 David Boozer (UCLA) Functor-valued invariant of tangles (Khovanov paper)
February 10 Michael Menke (UCLA) Formality and Hochschild homology
February 15 John Morgan (Simons Center) Spin manifolds of low dimension
February 17 Sangjin Lee (UCLA) Symplectic Khovanov homology and the symplectic arc algebra
February 24 Jacob Rooney (UCLA) Equivalence of Khovanov homology and symplectic Khovanov homology
March 1 John Morgan (Simons Center) Perverse sheaves and duality bordism (Note 2-hour talk)
March 3 Bob Edwards (UCLA) Embeddings of the 2-sphere in S^2 times S^2

Winter Algebraic Topology

Wednesdays, 3-3:50PM, MS 6201

Date Speaker Title
January 11 Eric Peterson (Harvard) Determinantal K-theory and a few applications
January 18 Anna Marie Bohmann (Vanderbilt) Computational Tools for Topological coHochschild Homology
January 25 Dylan Wilson (Northwestern) Kervaire invariants, even spaces, and equivariant operations
February 1 Angelica Osorno (Reed) On equivariant infinite loop space machines
March 15 Zhouli Xu (UChicago) Computing stable homotopy groups of spheres: two methods


Date Speaker Title
March 13
MS 6627
Mark Hughes (Brigham Young University)
March 13
MS 6627
John Etnyre (Georgia Tech)