Thomas Merkh

PhD Candidate

UCLA Mathematics Department

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My Research and Experiences

To learn more about my experiences in graduate school, and the research I've been a part of over the years, please use the navigation below.

About Me

Teaching Assistant Courses

Fall 2020

I will be a Teaching Assistant Consultant for the TA training program in the math department (MATH 495).

Previous Courses

Su20: Mathematical Modeling (MATH 142).

S20: Introduction to c++ (PIC 10A)

S20: Foundations of Actuarial Mathematics (MATH 178B)

F19: Differential Equations (MATH 33B, sections 1, 2)

F19: Differential and Integral Calculus Laboratory (MATH 31AL, section 2)

W19: Internet Programming (PIC 40A)

F18: Optimization (MATH 164)

S18, S19: Machine Learning (MATH 156)

F17: Probability Theory (MATH 170A)

F16, S17, F17, W18(x2), S18, S19, W20(x2), Su20: Mathematical Modeling (MATH 142)

Remote Tutoring

Remote tutoring is available. Please see my tutoring page for more information.