PIC 10B Discussion

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Materials for PIC 10B discussion

Week 0:
Introduction and Prerequisite Review
Week 1:
Coding Review
Input for in class example:
"vector<int> input = { 2, 0, 1, 6, 2147483647, 2145483647 };"
Coding Review
Week 2:
Code for War example: War.h War.cpp
Classes, Objects, and Initializer Lists
Stack vs. Heap example: StackHeap.h StackHeap.cpp
Smart Pointers
Week 3:
Code for Banner example: Banner.h Banner.cpp
Weak Pointers, R-L Values
R-L Values Continued
Week 4:
Code for SimpleGame example: SimpleGameDemo.h SimpleGameDemo.cpp
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Inheritance and Polymorphism continued
Week 5:
Casting and Type Errors
Mini Midterm
Week 6:
Midterm Review (no upload)
Operator Overloading
Week 7:
Data Structures: Linked Lists
Code for LinkedList example: LinkedList.h LinkedList.cpp
Week 8:
Data Structures: Linked Lists with Iterators
Code for 2nd LinkedList example: LinkedList2.h LinkedList2.cpp
Week 9: (10?)
Code from in class Heapsort demo: Heaps.h Heaps.cpp
Final Review