UCLA Analysis Seminar
Spring 2000
Apr 07 Gigliola Staffilani, Stanford University, "Recent Results on Existence and Regularity for Solutions of Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equations".
Apr 14 Oleg Kovrijkine, Caltech, "L2-norms of periodizations in higher dimensions"
Apr 21 Yuan-Pin Lee, UCLA, "The moduli space of bordered Riemann surfaces with marked points. "
Apr 28 SCAPDE this weekend (San Diego)
May 05 Martin Mohlenkamp, U. Colorado Boulder, "Attacking the curse of dimensionality"
May 12 Camil Muscalu, Brown University, "On a trilinear multiplier with non-smooth symbol"
May 19 Frank Merle, ENS Paris, "Qualitative properties of critical KdV equation"
Jean Bourgain, IAS Princeton, "New results on localization and Liapunov exponents with deterministic potential" (Special Lecture at 5 pm)
May 26 Daniel Bertilson, Yale and KTH, "Some results on Brennan's conjecture in conformal mapping"
Jun 02 Nets Katz, UIC/ WUSTL, "Recent progress on the Kakeya problem"
Jun 09 Mark Burgin, visiting UCLA, "Hypernumbers, Extrafunctions and Derivatives"
Jun 16 Hideo Takaoka, Tohoku U., Japan,