UCLA Analysis Seminar
Fall 2000

Sep 29 Detlef Müller, Universität Kiel, "Sub-Laplacians of holomorphic L^p type on exponential solvable Lie groups"
Oct 06 Burak Erdogan, Caltech, "Mixed norm estimates for X-ray transforms restricted to well curved rigid line complexes in R^4"
Oct 13 Dirk Hundertmark, Caltech " An optimal L^p bound on the Krein spectral shift"
Oct 20, 3pm Loukas Grafakos, U. Missouri Columbia, "Multiplier estimates for m- linear operators" abstract
Oct 20, 4pm Alice Chang, UCLA and Princeton, "An equation of Monge-Ampere type in conformal geometry"
Oct 27 Joaquim Ortega, Barcelona, "Sampling and interpolation sequences for the Paley Wiener space"
Nov 03 Lesley Ward, Harvey Mudd College, "Are translation averages of dyadic weights always good weights?"
Nov 10 Veteran's Day, no seminar
Nov 17 David Damanik, UC Irvine, "Combinatorial Methods in one-dimensional spectral theory"
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 01 Pascal Thomas, "Smallness sets for analytic functions"
Dec 08 Christmas Party