Southern California Analysis and PDE
Meeting Fall 1999

This fall's SCAPDE meeting will be held November 6 and November 7 at UCLA.

Program. All talks will be in MS 6627, coffee and tea will be in MS 6620 (lounge). For directions/parking/accommodations see the
General Department Information of the UCLA Mathematics Department

Sat. Nov. 6. 10:00 am

Tea and Coffee

Sat. Nov. 6. 10:30 am

Wilhelm Schlag

Princeton U

Recent progress on discrete quasi-periodic Schrödinger equations by non-perturbative methods

Sat. Nov. 6. 1:00 pm

Sijue Wu

UM College Park

Relation of the Taylor sign and bottom topography of finite depth water waves

Sat. Nov. 6. 2:30 pm

Tatiana Toro

UW Seattle

Characterization of non-smooth domains via potential theory

Sat. Nov. 6. 3:30 am

Tea and Coffee

Sat. Nov. 6. 4:00 am

Zhen-Xu He

UC San Diego

Euler-Lagrange equation for the Möbius energy of curves

Sun Nov. 7. 9:00 am

Tea and Coffee

Sun. Nov. 7. 9:30 am

Hart Smith

UW Seattle

Eigenfunction estimates for low regularity metrics

Sun. Nov. 7. 11:00 am

Svetlana Jitomirskaya

UC Irvine

Quasiperiodic operators: Arithmetics and localization