Southern CA Analysis and PDE, and NSF will sponsor a

Conference on
Complex and Harmonic Analysis
in honor of the 60th birthday of

John B. Garnett

December 8 & 9, 2001

Department of Mathematics, UCLA
Conference Schedule


 A. Baernstein, WU St. Louis    J. Bourgain, IAS Princeton,
  A. Chang, Princeton     M. Christ, UC Berkeley
  P. Jones, Yale     N. Makarov, Caltech
  K. Okikiolu, UC San Diego     J. Pipher, Brown University
  D. Sarason, UC Berkeley     J. Verdera, Barcelona


A. Carbery, P. Jones

J. Pipher, T. Tao, C. Thiele

Directions, Accommodation

See the UCLA Mathematics Department general information webpage

Conference Dinner and Events

On Saturday evening, December 8, an excursion to the Getty museum with informal dinner will be organised.

On Sunday afternoon, a reception will be held at John Garnett's home.

For further information about the meeting contact:

Christoph Thiele, UCLA