UCLA Analysis Seminar 

Spring 2006

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This year, some of the seminars will be joint with Caltech.

Time: Fridays, 3.00pm, Location: MS 6221 (Caltech talks are Sloan 151).

Some of the speakers may arrange to speak at different times/locations. See the UCLA Math Department's weekly seminar
list for official announcements. 

Tue Apr 4

(Note unusual date)

(3pm) Oscar Blasco, U. Valencia (Spain), “Some results on BMO on the bidisc”

Fri Apr 7

(Joint, Caltech; Sloan 151)                                 

(3pm sharp) Alex Sobolev, U. Birmingham, “Variation of  the number of lattice points in large balls”

(4:15pm) Peter Sarnak, Princeton University (Wolff lecture)

Fri Apr 14

Mildred Hager, UC Berkeley, “Semiclassical spectral instability of non-self-adjoint operators”

Fri Apr 21

(Joint, UCLA)

(3pm) Jonotan Lenells, Lund University, “Travelling wave solutions of the Camassa-Holm equation”

(4pm) David Damanik, Caltech, “Dominated Schrodinger cocycles

Fri Apr 28

Hans Lindblad, UC San Diego, “Global solutions of nonlinear wave equations”

Fri May 5

(Joint, Caltech; Sloan 151)

(3:15pm) Alex Ionescu, U. Wisconsin, “Low-regularity solutions of nonlinear equations”

(4:15pm) Maria Jose Cantero, U. de Zaragoza, “What about the classical matrix orthogonal polynomials?

Fri May 12

Julius Borcea, Stockholm University, “On the classification of hyperbolicity and stability preservers

Fri May 19

(Joint, UCLA)

(3pm) Dan Mauldin, U. North Texas, “Divergent square averages

(4pm) Alexander Bufetov, U. Chicago, “The central limit theorem for the Teichmuller flow on the moduli space of abelian differentials

Fri May 26

Sergei Kuksin, Herriot Watt University, “KAM-theory for space-multidimensional NLS equation” 

Fri June 2

(Joint, Caltech; Sloan 151)

[Organizer: Christoph Thiele]

(3:15pm) Malabika Pramanik, Caltech, “Linear and monomial polyhedra: Geometry and applications

(4:15pm) Ioan Bejenaru, UCLA, “Schrodinger maps”

Fri June 9

[Organizer:  Michael Hitrik]

Hart Smith, Washington University, “L^p bounds for eigenfunctions for rough metrics”

Tue June 13

(Note unusual date)

Larry Zalcman, Bar Ilan university, “Picard theorems 1879-2006”


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