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The page below includes all available sample chapters and supplementary material for my published books.  I will not be able to respond to requests for full-length copies of the books.

Solving Mathematical Problems: A personal perspective
Terence Tao
(First edition) Deakin University Press, Geelong, Vic.: 1992
Hardcover. 85 pages. ISBN 0-7300-1365-0   
(Second edition) Oxford University Press, Oxford, England: 2006

Paper, 150 pages. ISBN13: 9780199205608
ISBN10: 0199205604

The first run of this book is unfortunately completely out of print (the entire press no longer exists).  It discusses various Olympiad level problems and how one can go about trying to solve them.  Oxford University Press has reprinting the book and it is now in print.

Corrections to the second edition:

Thanks to Cecil Rousseau, Naoki Sato and Weiyu Xu for corrections.

Three Regularity Results in Harmonic Analysis
Terence Tao
in, Topics in analysis and its applications: selected theses
edited by R Coifman (Yale University)
World Scientific Publishing Co. 2000.
Hardcover, 464 pages. ISBN 981-02-4093-7
pp. 61-98

This is a mildly edited version of my thesis, collected together with the theses of Wilhelm Schlag, Christoph Thiele, Anna Gilbert, and Naoki Saito.

Analysis, Volume I
Analysis, Volume II

Terence Tao
Hindustan Book Agency
, January 2006
Paper cover, 422 / 274 pages.  ISBN 81-85931-63-1 / 81-85931-62-3

This is basically an expanded and cleaned up version of my lecture notes for Math 131A and Math 131B.  In the US, it is available through the American Mathematical Society (Volume I and Volume II).

Corrections to the printed version, Volume I:

Corrections to the printed version, Volume II:

Thanks to Manoranjan Majji, Cristina Pereyra, and the students of Math 401/501 and Math 402/502 at the University of New Mexico for corrections.

Additive Combinatorics
Terence Tao, Van Vu
Cambridge University Press
Hardback, 530 pages (ISBN-13: 9780521853866; ISBN-10: 0521853869)

This book covers the basic tools in additive combinatorics: sum set estimates, inverse theorems, graph theory techniques, crossing numbers, algebraic methods, Szemeredi’s theorem.

And here are some “deleted scenes” that were cut from the book:

And here are some expository notes which are precursors of material currently in the book:

Corrections to the printed version:


Thanks to Mei-Chu Chang, Moubariz Garaev, Peter Komjath, Tom Koornwinder, and Sam van Gool for corrections.


Nonlinear dispersive equations: local and global analysis
Terence Tao
CBMS regional conference series in mathematics, July 2006
Softcover, 373 pages.  ISBN-10: 0-8218-4143-2, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4143-3

These lecture notes try (perhaps ambitiously) to introduce the reader to techniques in analyzing solutions to nonlinear wave, Schrodinger, and KdV equations, in as self-contained a manner as possible.  It is a six-chapter book; the first three chapters and an appendix can be found here.  It is based on these lectures.

Corrections to the printed version:

Many thanks to Soonsik Kwon, Timothy Nguyen, Tristan Roy and Shuanglin Shao for corrections!

Honeycombs, hives, and puzzles; or, Hermitian sums, GL_n(C) tensor products, and Schubert calculus on Grassmannians
Allen Knutson, Terence Tao
American Mathematical Society
In preparation

This is a self-contained introduction to the combinatorial tools of honeycombs, hives, and puzzles, and their applications to linear algebra, representation theory, and algebraic geometry. This book will not be finished until 2008 at the earliest.