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For most media inquiries (as well as for publicity material such as photos), please contact Stuart Wolpert ( from the UCLA office of media relations.    For my contact details, see this page.

Due to many other duties, I am declining almost all interviews at this time (this includes newspaper, magazine, book, television, web site, or film interviews).  However, you may still contact Stuart for alternative arrangements.

Various details about myself can be found in my curriculum vitae.

Below are some links from previous interviews and similar material. Note also that many of the articles below are copyrighted, and permission should be sought from the relevant author or journalist before reproducing or excerpting at length.

Selected interviews and statements 

2006 Fields Medal

For other prizes and awards, see my my curriculum vitae.

Long arithmetic progressions in primes 

For more technical details of this work, see this page.  This work is joint with Ben Green.

Compressed sensing 

For more technical details of this work see, the L1-magic home page, the compressed sensing resources page at Rice, and my own page on the subject.  The mathematical work is joint with Emmanuel Candes and Justin Romberg.  I am not directly involved with the applications to photography, which are being pursued by Richard Baraniuk and Kevin Kelly.

Gaps between primes

Early education

See also my page on advice on gifted education.

Higher education

Media accolades and profiles 

Research and mathematical philosophy 

See also my page on career advice.

Mathematical pedagogy 

Mathematics in Australia / University of Southern Queensland crisis