Research interests
NB: the above links have not been updated since 1998.

Active projects (not close to completion)
The averaging lemma in dissipative transport equations Eitan Tadmor
Boundedness of 1D Schrodinger eigenfunctions with L^2 potential Camil Muscalu
Christoph Thiele
Well-posedness of Einstein's equations with L^2 curvature Sergiu Klainerman
Igor Rodnianski
Exact sequences of torsion modules Bill Fulton
Global regularity for wave maps III.  Large data in two dimensions Mark Keel
The Schubert calculus for flag manifolds Allen Knutson
The two-weight weak-type problem for the Hilbert transform Carlos Perez
On sections of convex bodies by hyperplanes at a fixed distance from the origin Alexander Koldobsky

Preprints and projects close to completion

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