Conferences, 1999-2000

Oct 8-10 '99

Austin, Texas

AMS 1999 Fall Central Sectional meeting (special session in Harmonic Analysis)

Nov 6-7

UCLA, California

Southern California Analysis and PDE meeting

Nov 20

Harvey Mudd, California

Mt. Baldy Conference on Analysis

Dec 18

Princeton, NJ

Kate & Hans Wedding Conference in Analysis

Jan 12-26 '00

U. South Florida, FL

A workshop on L^2 methods in geometry

Jan 17-21

NSYU, Taiwan

International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Applications 2000

Feb 12-13

Stanford, CA

Workshop on Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Equations

Feb 21-22

Caltech, CA

19th Annual Western States Mathematical Physics meeting

Feb 24-26

New Mexico State, NM

Third New Mexico Analysis Seminar

Mar 2-4

U. Arkansas, AR

Recent Progress in The Study of Harmonic Measure from a Geometric and an Analytic Point of View

Mar 11-12

Santa Barbara, CA

AMS 2000 Western Sectional meeting (special session in Schrodinger-type operators)

Mar 15-18

Memphis U., TN

Partial Differential Equations

Mar 25-26

Purdue, IN

Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar

Apr 14-18

Inzell, Germany

Third Workshop in Orthogonal Polynomials, Approximation and Harmonic Analysis

Apr 28-30

U. Minnesota, MN

Riviere-Fabes Symposium on Analysis and PDE

Apr 29-30

UCSD, California

Spring 2000 Southern California Analysis and PDE meeting

May 23-27

U. North Texas, TX

Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXIV

May 28-30

UW Madison, WI

Madison conference on Nonlinear Analysis 2000 in honor of Paul Rabinowitz

May 28-Jun 2

Courant, NY

Nonlinear Analysis 2000

May 28-Jun 3

Paseky, Czech Republic

Spring School on Analysis: Some recent techniques in harmonic analysis

May 29-Jun 9

Arizona State U., AZ

NATO Advanced Study institute Special functions 2000: Current perspective and Future Directions

Jun 1-3

Firenze, Italy

Fabes Lectures on Real Analysis & PDEs

Jun 5-9

Batz sur Mer, France

Partial Differential Equations Conference (formerly Saint Jean de Monts conference)

Jun 26-30

ANU, Australia

National Research Symposium on Geometric Analysis and Applications

Jun 26-30

Northwestern U., IL

Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Harmonic Analysis

Jun 27-Jul 1

Timisoara, Romania

18th International Conference on Operator Theory

Jul 2-15

Tuscany, Italy

20th Century Harmonic Analysis -- A Celebration

Jul 3-7

El Escorial, Spain

Sixth International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and PDE

Jul 10-14

Barcelona, Spain

Third European Congress of Mathematics (3ecm)

Aug 1-6

Beijing, China

International Conference on Clifford Analysis, its applications to Mathematical Physics, and related topics

Aug 7-12


Mathematical Challenges of the 21st Century (AMS)

Aug 17-22

Lund, Sweden

Conference on Functions Spaces, Interpolation Theory, and related topics in honour of Jaak Peetre on his 65th birthday

Aug 18-23

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Eleventh International Colloqium on Differential Equations 
Drumi Bainov, Dimitar Kolev

Sep 10-15

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Summer school - Spectral theory of 1D Schrodinger operators

Sep 22-27

San Feliu de Giuxols, Spain

Analysis and Spectral theory

Oct 16-20

Bedlewo, Poland

Rajchman-Zygmund-Marcinkiewicz Symposium
Wieslaw Zelazko

Oct 21-22

San Francisco, CA

AMS 2000 Fall Western Sectional meeting (special session in Harmonic Analysis)

Oct 30-Nov 3

Prague, Czech Republic

International Conference in Clifford Analysis in honour of Richard Delanghe

Nov 4-5

U. Chicago, IL

Midwest PDE 2000 Seminar

Nov 18-19


Spring 2000 Southern California Analysis and PDE meeting / Crandall Conference in Nonlinear PDE



MSRI Program in Spectral Invariants-Analytic and Geometric Aspects

Conferences, 2001


Jan 4-8 '01

Academia Sinica, Taipei

Second Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics

Jan 11/13-19

Zakopane, Poland

Real and Complex Harmonic analysis related to Homogeneous Manifolds

Jan 29-31

U. Louis Pasteur - Strausbourg 1, France

Colloque de theorie des representations en l'honneur de Gerard Schiffman

Feb 19-20

Caltech, CA

20th annual Western States Mathematical Physics Meeting

Mar 1-3

U. New Mexico, NM

Fourth New Mexico Analysis Seminar

Mar 9-11


17th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting

Mar 19-23


Workshop in oscillatory integrals and non-linear PDE

Mar 30-31

U. Kansas, Lawrence

2001 Spring Central Section Meeting of the AMS (Special Session in Harmonic Analysis and Applications)

Apr 8-9

Indiana U., IN

Midwest PDE seminar

Apr 15-21

Paseky nad Jizerou, Czech republic

Spring School on Banach Spaces

Apr 16-21

Fields Institute, Toronto

Workshop in Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics
Walter Craig, Catherine Sulem

Apr 20-22

U. Minnesota, MN

Riviere-Fabes symposium on Analysis and PDE

Apr 26-28

U. Arkansas, Fayetteville

Arkansas Spring Lecture Series (Solutions of PDE in Periodic media)

May 2

U. Chicago

Zygmund-Calderon lectures in Analysis

May 17-19

Rome, Italy

Harmonic Analysis on complex homogeneous domains and Lie groups

May 19

U. Washington, WA

Second Pacific Northwest PDE Seminar

May 20-26

Oberwolfach, Germany

Nonlinear Evolution problems

May 22-26

Weber State U., UT

25th Summer Symposium in Real Analysis

May 23-26

Morelia, Mexico

Fifth International Joint Meeting of the AMS and the Sociedad Matemática Mexicana (SMM)
(Special Session in Harmonic and Functional Analysis)

May 25-27

U. Minnesota, MN

Perspectives in PDE and Probability (Krylov's 60th birthday)

May 27-Jun 2

Paseky nad Jizerou, Czech republic

Spring School on Function Spaces and Interpolation

Jun 4-8

City University of Hong Kong

International Conference of Computational Harmonic Analysis

Jun 4-10

Goeteborg, Sweden 

Second Goeteborg Conference in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (dedicated to Bjorn Dahlberg)

Jun 10-15

Yellow Mountain, China

International Conference on Nonlinear Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations

Jun 11-16

ETH, Zurich

Symposium in Memory of Jurgen K. Moser

Jun 11-22

University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Workshop on Fourier Analysis and Convexity

Jun 16-20

Yellow Mountain, China

International Conference on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and their Applications
Fang-Hwa Lin

Jun 17-22

Asilomar, Pacific Grove CA

Summer school in fluid dynamics

Jun 24-Jul 5

Mt. Holyoke College, MA

AMS Summer Research Conference

Jul 2-13

CIRM, Marseille-Luminy

Ecole d'Ete Europeene de Theorie des Groupes

Jul 2-Dec14

ANU, Australia

Special Program on Spectral and Scattering Theory

Jul 5-7

Bologna, Italy

Fabes Lectures 2001

Jul 9-13

U. Edinburgh, Scotland

Progress in Partial Differential Equations

Jul 9-13

Bergamo, Italy

Workshop in Nonlinear Differential Equations

Jul 14-17

Rethymno, Greece

2nd WSEAS Int.Conf. on Multirate Systems and Wavelet Analysis (MSWA 2002)

Jul 16-20

IST, Lisbon Portugal

Summer school on non-linear partial differential equations

Aug 3-10

Texas A&M, TX

SUMIRFAS '01 The Informal Regional Functional Analysis Seminar

Aug 5-11

Oberwolfach, Germany

Partial Differential Equations

Aug 8-10

ANU, Australia

First workshop on Spectral and Scattering Theory

Aug 8-17

PIMS, Vancouver

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations - Geometric PDE

Aug 18-23

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Twelth International Colloqium on Differential Equations
Drumi Bainov

Aug 19-23

Anogia Academic Village, Crete

Workshop on Convex Geometric Analysis

Aug 20-25

Fields Institute Canada

Problems and Perspectives on Calculus of Variations

Aug 27-31

Brasov, Romania

International Conference on Complex Analysis and Related Topics

Sep 11-18


Harmonic Analysis and Approximation II
Kostantin Oskolkov

Sep 17-21

U. N. San Luis, Argentina

UMA 2001 Reunion Anual (in honor of Carlos Segovia)

Sep 19-21

ANU, Australia

Workshop on Spectral and Scattering theory

Sep 29-30

U. Wisconsin-Madison, WI

48th Midwest PDE Seminar

Oct 5-9

U. Memphis, TN

Trends in Banach Spaces and Operator Theory 

Oct 13-14

Williamstown, MA

Harmonic analysis since the Williamstown conference of 1978

Oct 19-20

Manhattan KS

Prairie Analysis Seminar

Oct 22-26

Kiev, Ukraine

International Conference on Functional Analysis

Nov 10-11

Irvine, CA

2001 AMS Fall Western Section Meeting (Special session in Complex and Harmonic Analysis)

Nov 27-Dec 6

Caltech, CA

Inaugural Thomas Wolff Memorial Lectures in Mathematics

Dec 3-8

Vienna, Austria

2nd International GABOR WORKSHOP

Dec 7

U. Toronto, Canada

Nonlinear and Geometric Analysis

Dec 8-9


Conference on Complex and Harmonic Analysis (in honor of the 60th birthday of John Garnett)

Dec 17-22


International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians

Conferences, 2002


Jan 14-18 '02

Macquarie U, Australia

The International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Related Topics (in honour of the 60th birthday of Alan McIntosh)

Feb 18-19

Caltech, CA

21st Western States Mathematical Physics Meeting

Feb 21-23

New Mexico State U., NM

Fifth New Mexico Analysis Seminar

Mar 8-10

GeorgiaTech, GA

2002 AMS and MAA Spring Southeastern Section Meeting (Special Session in Harmonic Analysis and in Frames, Wavelets, and Operator Theory)

Mar 15-17

U. Kentucky, KY

49th Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar and Conference in Honor of the Sixtieth Birthdays of David Adams, Ron Gariepy and John Lewis

Mar 15-17

UNC Chapel Hill, NC

Eighteenth annual South Eastern Analysis Meeting

Mar 22-23

Cal State San Bernadino, CA

15th Spring Miniconference on Real Analysis
Hajrudin Fejzic, Chris Freilin, Dan Rinne

Mar 23-25


Geometric Microlocal Analysis: a Conference in Honor of Richard Melrose

Mar 25-Apr 5

Edinburgh, Scotland

2002 ICMS Instructional Conference on Combinatorial Aspects of Mathematical Analysis

Apr 5-7

U. Minnesota, MN

Fifth Riviere-Fabes symposium on Analysis and PDE

Apr 5-7


International Conference on Scientific Computing, Partial Differential Equations and Image Processing
(On the Occasion of Stanley Osher's 60th birthday)

Apr 5-9

Novisibirsk, Russia

Conference on Ill-posed and Inverse problems (in honour of the 70-th anniversary of the birth 
of Prof. M.M. Lavrent'ev)

Apr 11-13

Fayetteville, AR

Spring Lecture Series

Apr 15-June 15


Workshop in general relativity

Apr 16-Jul 13

Institut Henri Poincare, France

Noyaux de la chaleur, marches aléatoires et analyse sur les graphes et les variétés (Heat kernels, random walks, analysis on graphs and manifolds)

Apr 20-21


Southern California Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Seminar (SCAPDE)

Apr 21-27

Oberwolfach, Germany

Curvature and Dispersion Effects in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Apr 22-26

Institut Henri Poincare, France

Conference on Harmonic Analysis and PDE

Apr 27-28

Stanford, CA

Gilbarg Commemorative Conference

May 3-5

Montreal, Canada

AMS 2002 Spring Eastern Section Meeting (Special Session in Function Spaces in Harmonic Analysis and PDE)

May 8-10

Rutgers NJ

Source Coding and Harmonic Analysis

May 8-11

Columbia MO

Conference in Harmonic Analysis and PDE

May 13-17

U. North Carolina NC

CBMS Lecture series - Alex Volberg - Nonhomogeneous harmonic analysis

May 14-19

S. Illinois U., IL

4th conference on function spaces

May 20-24

CIRM, Marseille Luminy France

Analyse Harmonique Non Commutative (colloque en l'honneur de Jacques Carmona)

May 20-25

Cookeville TN

6th Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications

May 22-26

U. North Carolina NC

GPOTS 2002

May 23-25

Washington State U., WA

Progress in Partial Differential Equations and Applications

May 23-28

Technion Haifa, Israel

Conference in Analysis (in honor of Yuri Brudnyi)

May 24-27

Wilmington NC

The Fourth International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations

Jun 3-7

Forges-les-eaux, France

Colloque du Groupement de Recherche "Analyse des Equations aux Dérivées Partielles"

Jun 12-16

Pisa, Italy

Joint meeting of the American and Italian Mathematical Societies (Special Session in Harmonic Analysis)

Jun 15-22

Zakopane, Poland

Analysis and probability related to solvable Lie groups

Jun 16-20

Cornell NY

Conference on Analysis and Probability on Fractals

Jun 19-21

U. Rouen, France

Fifth "Rencontres Mathématiques de Rouen" in honor of Makhlouf DERRIDJ (Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations)

Jun 24-27

Madrid, Spain

International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials: Orthogonal Polynomials and Approximation Theory (IWOP'02)

Jun 24-Jul 19

Texas A&M, TX

Workshop in Linear Analysis and Probability

Jun 24-28

Perugia, Italy

Symposium on Partial Differential Equations to Celebrate the Seventy-Fifth birthday of James Serrin

Jun 25-29

Washington and Lee University, VA

The Twenty-Sixth Summer Symposium in Real Analysis

Jun 26-28

Ecole Polytechnique, France

Colloque en l'honneur de Jean-Michel Bony

Jul 1-5

Collège de France, Paris

Congrès de mathématiques appliquées à la mémoire de Jacques-Louis Lions

Jul 1-6

Barcelona, Spain

Wavelets and Applications

Jul 8-12

Brest, France

Harmonic Maps, Minimal Surfaces and Geometric Flows

Jul 8-12

UBC, Canada

Measure Transportation and Geometric Inequalities

Jul 9-12

ANU, Australia

National Research Symposium on Elliptic Operators, Geometric Analysis and related topics

Jul 10-12

RIMS, Japan

Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Jul 12-14

Texas A&M, TX

SUMIRFAS 2002: Informal Regional Functional Analysis Seminar

Jul 15-19

ANU, Australia

International Conference on Nonlinear PDE and Related Topics: Celebrating Neil Trudinger's 60th Birthday

Jul 15-19

Ischia, Italy

Tenth Meeting on Real Analysis and Measure Theory

Jul 17-22

Prague, Czech republic

Spring School on Nonlinear Analysis, Function Spaces and Applications 7

Jul 29-Aug 2

Pusan, Korea

The 10th International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications

Jul 29-Aug 10

Cargese, Corsica

50 Years of the Cauchy problem in Einstein's theory of gravitation

Aug 6-9

Virginia Tech VI

Thirteenth International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications

Aug 6-9

U. British Columbia, Canada

Non-commutative Phenomena and Random Matrices

Aug 12-16

Pohang, Korea

Infinite Dimensional Function Theory

Aug 13-17

Hanoi, Vietnam

ICM satellite conference on Abstract and Applied Analysis

Aug 13-17

Academica Sinica, China

ICM satellite conference on Nonlinear Analysis

Aug 14-17

Shanghai Jiao-Tong U., China

ICM satellite conference on Complex Analysis

Aug 14-18

Hangzhou, China

ICM satellite conference on Harmonic Analysis and Applications

Aug 16-19

U. Macau, Macao

ICM satellite conference on Clifford Analysis

Aug 18-23

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Thirteenth International Colloqium on Differential Equations
Drumi Bainov

Aug 20-28

Beijing, China

International Congress of Mathematicians

Aug 29-Sep 2

City University of Hong Kong, China

International Conference on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations-Theory and Approximation

Aug 30-Sep 2

U. Science & Technology, China

ICM satellite conference on Geometric Function Theory in Several Complex Variables

Sep 9-12

Reims, France

Quantification et Analyse Microlocale (Colloque en l'honneur de Andrew Unterberger)

Sep 11-18

St. Petersburg, Russia

Navier-Stokes equations and related topics (NSEC8)

Sep 15-20

Lake Arrowhead, CA

SUMMER SCHOOL: Conformal and quasiconformal maps

Sep 18-22

Princeton, NJ

Conference on Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry for the 70th Birthdays of Robert C. Gunning and Joseph J. Kohn

Sep 20-22

U. Minnesota, MN

Yamabe Memorial Symposium

Sep 23-27

ANU, Australia

Geometric Partial Differential Equations
Ben Andrews, Min-Chung Hong, Xu-Jia Wang

Sep 25-28

Skiathos Island, Greece

2nd WSEAS International Conference on Simulation, Modelling and Optimization
2nd WSEAS International Conference on Signal, Speech, and Image Processing
2nd WSEAS International Conference on Multirate Systems and Wavelet Analysis 

Sep 30-Oct 4

CIRM, Marseilles, France

Spaces of analytic functions and their operators

Oct 4-6

Northwestern U, IL

Northwestern Nonlinear PDE conference / 50th Midwest PDE meeting

Oct 11-13

U. Texas Austin, TX

Texas Geometry and Topology Conference (60th Birthday of Karen Uhlenbeck)

Oct 12-13

Madison WI

AMS 2002 Fall Central Section Meeting (Special Session in Harmonic Analysis)

Oct 16-18

RIMS, Japan

New developments in evolution equations and approaches to nonlinear phenomena

Oct 18-19

U. Kansas, KS

Second Prairie Analysis Seminar

Oct 18-19

Northwestern U., IL

The 24th Midwest Probability Colloquium

Nov 2-3


Southern California Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Seminar (SCAPDE)

Nov 12-13
Nov 14-16

Princeton, NJ

Quasiconvexity and its applications

Dec 6-8

De Paul U, IL

Conference on Harmonic Analysis:  Calderón-Zygmund and Beyond  (On the occasion of Steve Vagi's retirement from DePaul University)

Dec 29-31

Athens, Greece


Conferences, 2003-


Caltech, CA

Numerical Simulation of Gravitational Wave Sources

Jan 3-5 '03


Spectral Analysis in Geometry and Physics

Jan 6-18 '03

Santiago, Chile

PASI program - Partial Differential Equations and Inverse Problems
Gunther Uhlmann

Jan 13-17


Multiscale Geometric Analysis: Theory, Tools, and Applications

Jan 15-18

Baltimore, MD

AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meeting (Special session in Wavelets, Frames, and Operator Theory)

Feb 3-7


Emerging Applications of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations

Feb 6-7

U. Nice, France

PDEs in Applied Mathematics
G. Lebeau, N.H. Mauser, F. Poupaud

Feb 15-Apr 15

ESI, Vienna

Combinatorial and Number-Theoretic Methods in Harmonic Analysis

Feb 17-18

Caltech, CA

22nd Annual Western States Mathematical Physics Meeting

Feb 24-28

TU Vienna, Austria

Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations: Asymptotics, Numerics, Applications

Mar 6-8

U. New Mexico, NM

Sixth New Mexico Analysis Seminar

Mar 7-8

Fayetteville AR

Analysis and geometry in Carnot-Caratheodory spaces

Mar 27-30


Conference on quadrature domains and applications

Apr 25-27


Sixth Riviere-Fabes Symposium on Analysis and PDE

Apr 27-May 3

Paseky, Czech

Spring School on Analysis

May 12-Jul 11


Gravitational Interaction of Compact Objects

May 15-17

CUNY, New York

Additive Number Theory and Applications to Harmonic Analysis

May 18-22

Wayne State, MI

NSF-CBMS Free Boundary problems in PDE and Applications

May 23-26

Purdue U., IN

Symposium on Analysis and PDEs

May 26-28

KTH, Stockholm

Perspectives in Analysis

May 26-30

Salzburg, Austria

Sampling Theory and Applications (SampTA03)

Jun 1-7

Paseky, Czech

Spring School on Function Spaces and Applications

Jun 2-6

Forges les Eaux, France

PDE meeting

Jun 2-27

Fields Institute, Toronto

Harmonic Analysis, Trace Formula, and Shimura Varieties

Jun 7-12

Banff, Canada

Applicable Harmonic Analysis

Jun 10-14

Jyvaskyla, Finland

XIX Nevanlinna Colloqium

Jun 11-16

Haifa, Israel

Conference on PDE and Applications (Volpert)

Jun 16-17

Orleans, France

Workshop on harmonic analysis "Young researchers days of the HARP network"

Jun 17-24

Jerusalem, Israel

Conference on Probability in Mathematics (Furstenberg)

Jun 18-21

Orsay, France

Coifman-Meyer conference

Jun 18-23

Seville, Spain

First Joint International Meeting between the American Mathematical Society and the Real Sociedad Matemática Española

Jun 23-27

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Primer Taller Internacional de Analisis Armonico y Ecuaciones Diferenciales Parciales

Jun 23-27

U. Padova, Italy

Minicourses in Analysis (Rozenbloum, Sogge, Soria)

Jun 23-27

I. Jussieu, France

Equations aux dérivées partielles et quantification - Colloque en l'honneur de Louis Boutet de Monvel

Jun 23-29

Silesian University, Czech

The Twentyseventh Summer Symposium in Real Analysis
Jaro Smital

Jun 30-July 18

Park City, UT

Program in harmonic analysis

July 1-4

Ecole Polytechnique, France

Hommage a la memoire de Laurent Schwartz

July 14-18

NUS, Singapore

Wavelet Theory and Applications: New Directions and Challenges

July 26-31

Banff, Canada

Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory

Upcoming conferences

Aug 11-16

York University, Canada

Fourth ISAAC conference (Special Session in HAPDE)

Aug 14-17

U. Notre Dame, IN

Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Applications

Aug 18-Sep 5

CRM Montreal, Canada

Short program on Analysis and Resolution of Singularities

Sep 1-13

Pisa, Italy

Summer School in HARMONIC ANALYSIS  in the framework of HARP (Harmonic Analysis and Related Problems)

Oct 17-18

Kansas State U., KS

Third Prairie Analysis Seminar

Oct 23-26

CRM Montreal, Canada

Conference on Classical Analysis in honor of Paul Koosis

Dec 6-8

Simon Fraser U, Canada

Winter 2003 meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society (special session in Harmonic Analysis)
Alex Iosevich, Izabella Laba


Fields institute, Canada

Year-long program in PDE
Walter Craig, Nick Ercolani, Catherine Sulem



IAS special program - Analysis and nonlinear PDE

Jan 19-30

ESI, Austria

Nonlinear wave equations Winter School and Workshop
Y. Brenier, J-Y. Chemin, S. Klainerman, S. Komech, N.H. Mauser, S. Selberg

Feb 15-May 15 '04

Centro de Giorgi, Pisa

Special Trimester on Phase Space Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

Mar 12-13

Florida State U., FL

994th meeting of the American Mathematical Society (Special Session in Harmonic Analysis)
Laura deCarli, Dan Oberlin

Apr 12-July 9

Centro de Giorgi, Pisa

Special Trimester on Harmonic Analysis

May 3-8

CRM, Canada

AARMS-CRM - Workshop on singular integrals and analysis on CR manifolds

Jun 16-19

Pomona, CA

AIMS fifth international conference on dynamical systems and differential equations

Jun 21-25

Paris, France

Conference in honor of Haim Brezis
Henri Berestycki, Jean-Michel Coron

Jun 21-25

El Escorial

7th International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and PDE
Ana Vargas

Jul 1 – Aug 15

ESI, Austria

Singularity formation in non-linear evolution equations

P. Aichelburg, P. Bizon, S. Klainerman

May-Aug 2005

ESI, Austria

Geometric methods in analysis and probability

Spring 2005

ESI, Austria

Modern methods of time frequency analysis

Please e-mail me if you know of a conference suitable for this list, or have an updated URL!

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