MATH 245C : Real Analysis


         The first class is on Monday, March 30.

         There will be no class on Wed, May 6.

         Instructor: Terence Tao,, x64844, MS 6183

         Lecture: MWF 10-10:50, MS 5217.

         Discussion section: Th 10-10:50, MS 5117

         Office Hours: Wed 1-2

         TA: None

         Textbook: Folland, Real Analysis, Second Edition. I will also write some supplemental lecture notes to these texts on my blog.

         Prerequisite: Math 245AB. The material here will rely heavily on that in Math 245AB, so be sure you have a firm grasp of the material from that course. Topics covered will include L^p spaces and interpolation; the theory of distributions; Hausdorff dimension; the spectral theorem; and possibly other topics as time permits.

         Grading: Grading is based on attendance. While the lecture notes will contain exercises, they are optional.