Swee Hong Chan

Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor (postdoc)
Department of Mathematics
University of California Los Angeles
sweehong at math dot ucla dot edu

I am currently a postdoc at UCLA mentored by Igor Pak.
I am also the Deputy Director for UCLA Olga Radko Math Circle.
Previously I was a graduate student at Cornell University, supervised by Lionel Levine.


My research interests lie at the intersection of combinatorics and probability.
I am interested in probabilistic and combinatorial inequalities, with a focus on inequalities arising from partially ordered sets.
I am also working on random walks in random environments that interact with the walker, where the uniform spanning forest makes a surprising appearance.
I have previously worked on various stochastic processes that exhibit self-organized criticality, building a unifying theory for those processes.

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UCLA Olga Radko Math Circle (ORMC)

UCLA Olga Radko Math Circle is a math circle attracting elementary, middle and high school students in Los Angeles area.
The main goal is to learn wonderful mathematics not covered in a typical school curriculum but accessible to mathematically inclined students.
For further enquiries, please contact me or Oleg Gleizer (Director of ORMC), or check out the circle's webpage below.

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