The last decade has seen a surge of fundamental new results in mathematics and its applications that depend in an essential way on ideas and techniques from analysis. These include the role of the Jones polynomial in knot theory, the uses of harmonic analysis in signal recognition and image processing, the completion of Thurston’s classification of manifolds with nonlinear PDE, the Green-Tao theorem on the distribution of primes, and the interplay of probability, univalent function theory and mathematical physics in the work of Lawler, Schramm and Werner on stochastic Loewner equations. The analysis group at UCLA (recently ranked fourth by U. S. News) has wide research interests ranging from operator algebras and free probability to harmonic analysis, combinatorics, mathematical physics and number theory. The group is distinguished (two plenary speakers, Popa and Tao, at the 2006 Madrid ICM came from the UCLA analysis group) and it has a long history of training very successful graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

The RTG analysis grant has as its main goal to increase the number of US citizens and residents who study analysis and related areas as UCLA graduate students or postdoctoral scholars and who go on to have successful careers as university teachers and research mathematicians. 

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