Free Probability and Large N Limit

UC Berkeley, March 25-30, 2007

Organizers: A. Guionnet (ENS Lyon & Miller Institute), D. Shlyakhtenko (UCLA), D. Voiculescu (UC Berkeley)
Focus: Aspects of free probability and large N-limit and their connections with physics, operator algebras, combinatorics and random matrices.

Talks will start on Sunday March 25 and end by mid-day on Friday, March 30.

All talks will take place in 9 Evans hall.
Participants include: Marcelo Aguiar (Texas A&M University), Michael Anshelevich (Texas A&M University), Teodor Banica (Paul Sabatier University), Serban Belinschi (University of Waterloo), Hari Bercovici (Indiana), Philippe Biane (CNRS), Thierry Cabanal-Duvillard (University Paris 5), Benoit Collins (CNRS Lyon 1 / University of Ottawa), Amir Dembo (Stanford), Ken Dykema (Texas A&M University), Uffe Haagerup (Univ. Southern Denmark), Thierry Levy ( CNRS), Edouard Maurel Segala, James Mingo (Queen's University), Alexandru Nica (University of Waterloo), Sandrine Peche, Jesse Peterson (UC Berkeley), Jean-Luc Sauvageot (CNRS-Paris), Ambar Sengupta (Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University), Dan Shiber (UCLA), Roland Speicher (Queen's University), Andreas Thom, Yoshimichi Ueda (Kyushu University), Jiun-Chau Wang (Indiana University), Feng Xu (UC Riverside), Paul Zinn-Justin (CNRS), Jean-Bernard Zuber (University Paris 6)
* to be confirmed
Partial support for participants will be provided from funds from the National Science Foundation.
The conference is organized with the help of the UCB Department of Mathematics and of the Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics.