Sam Dittmer

Graduate Student
UCLA Mathematics Department

Office: MS 3969
Spring 2019 Office Hours:
PIC 20A: M 10-11 Th 1-2
PIC 40A: W: 11-12 Th 1-2
Sample Code

Currently Teaching:
PIC 20A with Omri Azencot: Section 1
PIC 40A with Hanqin Cai: Section 1

I am a fifth-year graduate student. My research focuses on combinatorics and related questions in discrete probability and computational complexity. My advisor is Igor Pak.
I did my undergraduate study at Brigham Young University. My undergraduate advisor was Pace Nielsen.

Here is my CV, my Research Statement and my Teaching Statement.

I am one of the organizers of the Utah Math Olympiad.


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I have been a TA for:

Sample Code

For my PIC 16 students in section 2A: Claire De Lune.

For my PIC 20A students (Spring 2019):
Week 1: Permutation random generation examples.
Collatz conjecture (3n+1 problem).
Week 2: Cookbook example of interacting classes.
Week 3: Roadrunner and coyote: their ancient feud.
Final review (Spring 2019): notes and examples.

For my PIC 20A students (Winter 2019):
Week 1 sample code.
Week 2 sample code and sorting algorithm time trial.
Week 3 sample code: Choose your own adventure game from Section 1 and Section 2 and mini math problems.
Final review (Winter 2019): zip file.

For my PIC 40A students: Playground.
Final review (Spring 2019): here.


UCLA Mathematics Department
Box 951555, Los Angeles, CA 90095
samuel.dittmer@math.ucla[dot edu]