Math 115B: Announcements and Corrections

In HW 1, if V and W are vector spaces over F, then L(V,W) := { T : V --> W | T is linear}.

In HW 1 Problem 2, the square root of -1 is not to be viewed as i, j, or k which represents arbitrary (but fixed} elements satisfying their square in the quaterions is -1. Indeed in most quaternions, there are infinitely many elements satisying its square is -1. In particular, when viewing the quaternions over the complex numbers, do not assume i, j, or k is what we think of as the square root of -1 in the complex numbers. You only need to use equation after the (check!).

In HW 4 Problem #2, both V and W should be finite dimensional vector spaces over F.
The correct version is now posted.

In HW 6 Problem 2, the i.e., should read i.e., that q_T | f_T and f_T and q_T have the same irreducible factors,