Professor: Richard Elman
Office: MS 5328
Office Hours: M3 WF4 or by appointment. (Subject to change.)
Lecture: MWF 2:00 MS 5127
Additional Meeting: We will meet in MS 6221 on M 4-5. We will do various things during this time. Examples: Motivation, Review, Further Material, some of which may be needed or explain lecture material Attendance is voluntary.
TA: Jeremy Brightbill: Discussion Section R 2 in MS 5127
Office Hours: TBA in MS 2344

Lectures in Algebra: Preliminary Version

Optional Text Dummit and Foote: Abstract Algebra, 3rd Ed.

Material: This is the third quarter of a year long (honors) course in abstract algebra. This quarter we will study Field Theory. This is one of, if not the best, mathematics undergraduate course. We will solve many of the classical mathematical problems: Why there are formulas for determining roots of quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials and why such do not exist for the quintic and higher; Solution of the famous Greek construction problems: trisection of an angle, construction of regular n-gons, doubling of a cube, squaring of a circle. The course shows how abstract group theory came into use via Galois Theory and represents the beginnings of modern mathematics.

No Midterms and No Final:


The grade will be completely determined by your homework.

There are 50 assigned problems.

Problems done incorrectly will be returned to be corrected.

Credit is given for correctly done problems.

To get an A you must do 40 problems correctly.

If you copy from a book or other source, please cite the book and page number or html etc.

Do not procrastinate.

The TA will determine due dates for the various problems.

Quiz Section: The TA will go over material done in lecture, help with homework problems, and additional related material.

Grade is based solely on the number of homework problems done correctly.


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