Professor: Richard Elman
Office: MS 5328
Lecture Room: MWF 2 in Math 5137.
There will also be a voluntary session with the class at W4 in MS 5118.
We will not do any homework problems. We will go over additional topics related to the regular lectures
Office Hours: MWF 3 or by appointment. (Subject to change.)
TA: Jas Singh: Discussion Section R 2 in Boulter 9436.

Lectures in Algebra: Preliminary Version

Optional Text Dummit and Foote: Abstract Algebra, 3rd Ed.

Material: This is the second quarter of a year long honors course in abstract algebra. The material is given in a different order than the regular sequence. This quarter we will study rings and modules. The main themes will be polynomial rings and rings that satisfy the analog of the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. We also will prove the Fundamental Theorem of Finitely Generated Abelian Groups in a more general form. This will be via the study of modules (systems looking like vector spaces but the scalars come from a ring that is not necessarily a field). This more general theorem will allow us to study matrices much more deeply (e.g., Jordan canonical form).

Two Midterms and one Final:

Midterm 1: TBA

Midterm 2: A take home exam

Final: 3:00-6:00 Friday 24 March 23;

No makeup exams


Assigned Mondays and due the next week on Thursday on Gradescope at 11:59 PM.

Homework results to be published on Gradescope.

To learn the material you must do homework.

Expect to be told to redo (*) homework problems that you do incorrectly to get credit.

Quiz Section: The TA will go over material done in lecture, homework, and additional related material.

Best of the following total weighted scores:

final plus takehome midterm and homework (final = 55%)

final plus two midterms and homework (final = 40%)

determines grade. Homework counts 20% of grade.


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