10. Which of the following is an equation of the ellipse with center (-2,1), major axis running from (-2,6) to (-2,-4), and focus at (-2,5)?












Solution: The answer is D


Let 2a be the length of the major axis and 2b be the length of the minor axis where a > b > 0. Also, let c be the distance between the foci and the center of the ellipse, where c2 = a2 b2.

Since the major axis runs from (-2,6) to (-2,-4), then the major axis has a vertical length of,

Since the center is at (-2,1) and the focus is at (-2,5), then the distance c between the focus and the center is,

So, that b2 is given by,

Lastly, since the standard form of the equation of an ellipse with a vertical major axis is given by,

where (h,k) is the center, then the equation of the ellipse represented by the given data is,