Here is an extended list and description of past courses that I have taught. There are also links to course materials that I have used or created.

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UT Austin

From Spring 2020-Spring 2021, I was the Assistant Instructor for M 371E, Learning Assistant Experience in Mathematics. This course is a hands-on experience in what it is like to teach and support students in the learning of mathematics in undergraduate courses. Students attend classroom training and discussions and work in Calculus discussion sections or undergraduate classrooms where mathematics is being taught.

As part of this role, I also coordinated CalcLab, a program for students enrolled in calculus courses at UT the chance to work with classmates and receive help from TAs. I also transitioned it to an online resource during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Fall 2018, I was the TA for UGS 303, a Signature Course titled "From Numbers to Chaos". Signature Courses are designed to introduce first-year and/or transfer students to the university’s academic community through the exploration of new interests. It is an opportunity for students to learn how to engage in college-level thinking and learning.

In Spring 2018, I was a TA for M 408M (multivariable calculus).

In Fall 2017, I was an SI leader for M 408K (differential calculus). This position, in addition to the normal TA duties, involved weekly meetings and discussions with fellow SI leaders on implementing inclusive and collaborative learning strategies.


Rutgers University

From Fall 2012 - Spring 2015, I was a Mathematics Peer Mentor for 152H, 192H, 251H, 291H, and 292H. These courses were various flavors of honors integral and multivariable calculus, as well as honors differential equations. I either facilitated or co-facilitated problem sessions for these courses.

In Summer 2013, I was a TA for the Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics at Rutgers University.