Teaching and communicating mathematics is an important part of my mathematical identity, and I value the impact that I have as an educator. It is for this reason that I am committed to inclusive and equitable teaching that affirms and empowers students.

My Teaching Statement was last updated September 2020.

My Teaching Portfolio (which contains student evaluations, teaching materials, and sample syllabi) is available upon request.


Currently Teaching:

In Spring 2022, I am teaching two lectures of Math 32A, Calculus of Several Variables (Learning Objectives).

If you are interested in taking/getting off the waitlist for 32A, you are welcome to attend lectures as a guest before the add/drop deadline, and you should also talk to me before/after class to be added to the course Canvas page.


Teaching Experience:

For an extended list and description of past courses that I have taught, click here.


UT Austin:

  • From Spring 2020 - Spring 2021, I was the Instructor of Record for M 371E: Learning Assistant Experience in Mathematics.
    As part of this role, I also coordinated CalcLab.
  • In Fall 2018, I was a TA for UGS 303: From Numbers to Chaos.
  • In Spring 2018, I was a TA for M 408M (multivariable calculus).
  • In Fall 2017, I was an SI leader for M 408K (differential calculus).

Rutgers University:

Summer MiniCourses:

Since Summer 2017, I have either taught or co-taught Summer Minicourses on homological algebra and/or spectral sequences. Each minicourse is a week of lectures and problem sessions, and they are designed to teach graduate and advanced undergraduate students tools, methods, or ideas that may be helpful in research-level mathematics.

For example, in Summer 2020, I co-taught the minicourse "Spectral Sequence Training Montage", with Arun Debray. I compiled this set of exercises, and created slides and video recordings, which you can find here.



Directed Reading Program:

I have also mentored 9 undergraduate reading projects on various topics in algebra, topology, and homotopy theory through the UT Austin Directed Reading Program (DRP). I use inquiry-based learning techniques in my mentoring - you will eventually find sample DRP project notes here.

If you're interested in doing a DRP or reading project with me, send me an email!

Letters of Recommendation:

If I have taught, mentored, or worked with you, I am always happy to provide support for you and your goals. However, I will only be able to write a strong and effective letter of recommendation if I can supply personal details about you, beyond your grades. To this end, you should also send me your application materials (CV/resume, letter of application, etc.). If I don't think I am properly equipped to write a good letter for you, I will tell you so.


Seminars and Workshops:

Throughout my career, I have participated in various seminars, workshops, and programs to continue to learn about teaching and education.

  1. M 398T Supervised Teaching in Mathematics, Fall 2015
  2. Supplemental Instruction Training, Fall 2017
  3. Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate, Fall 2017
  4. Teaching Preparation Certificate, Spring 2018
  5. Concentration in Communicating Science, Spring 2019
  6. FIC Graduate Student Teaching Award, Spring 2020
  7. Inequity in STEM Seminar, Summer 2020
  8. SSD Appreciation Award (“Clock Award”), Spring 2021
  9. New Faculty Teaching Engagement (NFTE) workshop, Summer 2021
  10. CEILS Annual Faculty Workshop on Best Equitable Practices In Teaching, Summer 2021
  11. 2022 Scientific Teaching Fellow, CEILS Summer Institute: Foundations of Equitable Course Design, Summer 2022