I've got a lot of interests outside of mathematics to keep me sane, here are a few of them:

Ultimate Frisbee

I have been playing ultimate (yes, ultimate frisbee!) since my senior year of high school. I played college ultimate for 4 years with Rutgers Machine, where we won the Metro East region to go to College Nationals in 2014. I played my 5th and final year of college ultimate with Texas TUFF in 2016.

I was co-captain of SO(2), the UT Austin math department team for the intramural coed ultimate league.

Ernest Eugene Fontes IV

In 2017, I adopted my dog Ernest Eugene Fontes IV (not to be confused with Ernest Eugene Fontes III). Our favorite pastimes include belly rubs, doing tricks, going on hikes, and taking selfies together.


Some of my other hobbies include:

  • Going to shows and concerts.
  • Bird-watching.
  • Playing boardgames. Personal favorites include:
    • D&D (and watching Critical Role)
    • Wingspan
    • Gloomhaven
    • Betrayal on House on a Hill
    • Terraforming Mars
  • Watching (bad) movies.