I am committed to actively promoting and supporting diversity, inclusivity, and equity in mathematics. I believe that in order to make mathematics more accessible and inclusive for all, one must actively work to break down the systemic barriers that exist due to race, gender, socio-economic background, or cultural identity. If you're new to these ideas, send me an email - I'm happy to have a conversation with you!

I have engaged in outreach efforts at multiple levels to help others overcome these barriers, which include: providing academic support and mentorship; creating supportive and welcoming mathematical communities; and recruiting future generations of mathematicians through outreach.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity in Mathematics

  1. Ideas and Strategies for Teaching Inclusively and Equitably Online (pdf version here). In summer 2020, I gave this talk at the UT Austin Inequity in STEM Seminar.
    I also adapted this talk for an AMS grad blog post.
  2. Establishing the Mathematicians of Color Alliance at Texas. In summer 2021, Xinyu Xie and I presented at the MAA Mathfest Outreach Poster Session.
  3. In Fall 2021, I gave a talk titled Listen, Amplify, Sustain: Being a better mentor and ally (pdf version here) as part of the Graduates Achieving Inclusion Now (GAIN) conference. .


Mathematicians of Color Alliance Texas

I was a founding organizer for the Mathematicians of Color Alliance of Texas (MOCAT). MOCAT is a student-run organization open to anyone interested in promoting the mathematical development and achievements of underrepresented groups. Our goal is to create a community of undergraduate and graduate math students of color through social events, mentoring, and tutoring to recruit, retain, support, and empower underrepresented students within the field of math.

Some of the activities I've helped to organize include:

In 2021, we received a Tensor SUMMA 2021 Grant.


Community Outreach

Math Club

I have previously volunteered with the UT Austin Math Club to serve as a panelist for their graduate school panel. I have also given two expository talks, with the slides below:

  1. An Overview of Algebraic Topology. I gave an introductory talk on algebraic topology and homotopy theory in Spring 2017.
  2. Invertible Objects: An Elementary Introduction to Picard Groups. I gave an introductory talk on Picard groups in Spring 2020.

Sunday Morning Math Group

I have also volunteered with the UT Austin Saturday Morning Math Group (SMMG). I have also lead two sessions, with the materials below:

  1. Surfaces, Space, and Hyperspace: An exploration of 2, 3, and higher dimensions. I gave an inquiry-based talk on surfaces and higher dimensions in Spring 2018.
  2. Number Games. I gave an inquiry-based talk on a novel way of approximating e. in Spring 2020. This talk is supplemented by a worksheet, with the accompanying answer key.