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Robbie Housden

Email: rhousden AT math DOT ucla DOT edu
Office: Math Sciences 6603

I'm Robbie Housden, a 6th year PhD Student at UCLA. My advisor is Mike Hill. I do research in Algebraic Topology, where my focus is in Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory.

I'm on the postdoc/tenure track job market this year (Fall 2021) and I can give talks about my research on short notice!


My research program deals with category actions and its implications for stable homotopy theory. I'm developing a theory of spectra equipped with the action of a small category, D, and a theory a D-Mackey Functors. You can read more in my research statement.

You can also watch a 10-minute video version of my research statement.


I am a proud recipient of the 2020-2021 Ligget Fellow Award. You can read about my teaching philosophy and experiences in my teaching statement.

Currently Teaching:
Fall 2021 - Math 495 (Pedagogy for Teaching Assistants; Co-Instructor)

Previously Taught:
Spring 2021 - Math 170S (Statistics; TA with Swee Hong Chan)
Spring 2021 - Math 131B (Analysis; TA with José Madrid)
Winter 2021 - Math 11N (Number Theory via Inquiry Based Learning; Instructor)
Fall 2020 - Math 495 (Pedagogy for Teaching Assistants; Co-Instructor)
Summer 2020 - Math 131A (Analysis; TA with Tyler Arant)
Spring 2020 - Math 33A (Linear Algebra; Instructor)
Winter 2020 - Math 170E (Probability; TA with Sangchul Lee)
Winter 2020 - Math 170E (Probability; TA with Pietro Poggi-Corradini)
Fall 2019 - Math 495 (Pedagogy for Teaching Assistants; Co-Instructor)
Summer 2019 - Math 167 (Game Theory; TA with John Susice)
Spring 2019 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with March Boedihardjo)
Winter 2019 - Math 131A (Analysis; TA with Nick Ramsey)
Fall 2018 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with Liza Rebrova)
Spring 2018 - Math 131A (Analysis; TA with Matthias Aschenbrenner)
Spring 2018 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with Jun Yin)
Winter 2018 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with Damir Yeliussizov)
Winter 2018 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with Georg Menz)
Fall 2017 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with March Boedihardjo)
Fall 2017 - Math 170A (Probability; TA with Noah White)
Summer 2017 - Math 110A (Abstract Algebra; TA with Nivedita Bhaskhar)
Spring 2017 - Math 33A (Linear Algebra; TA with Jukka Keranen)
Winter 2017 - Math 32B (Multivariable Calculus; TA with Noah White)
Fall 2016 - Math 3B (Calculus for Life Sciences; TA with Noah White)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

I believe that all humans deserve to have meaningful and joyful mathematical experiences. Mathematics is a collaborative art, not just the work of a "few great men." As a professional mathematician, I have deeply benefited from being in open mathematical spaces where I felt I belong, and I believe anyone with an interest in mathematics should have the same experience.

However, in the United States and around the world, this is not often enough the case. There are systemic barriers to entry, and these require systemic solutions. It is not enough to merely train hiring and admissions committees against implicit bias. One must also understand the inherit biases present in citation indices, teaching evaluations, test scores, and other "objective" metrics. Over-reliance on flawed metrics constitutes mathematical harm and is not acceptable. Furthermore, we must evaluate candidates on how they can enrich and expand the mathematical community, not just the theorems they can prove.

But it is not enough to just remove barriers to entry. Rather, we must ensure that mathematicians of all stripes thrive in mathematical spaces. We be conscious of how we select collaborators and invited speakers. We need active mentorship between senior and junior mathematicians. And when discrimination happens—at any level—there needs to be consequences.

We cannot make minoritized mathematicians to do all the work here. It is important to listen to each other, especially when it comes to complaints about hostile climates, discrimination, and unfair treatment. But mathematics belongs to all of us, and it's on all of us to make it inclusive.

This year (2021-2021), I am on the UCLA Physical Sciences Student Advisory Board, working with the Dean and Physical Sciences Diversity Committee. For all comments/questions/concerns, you can contact me in this capacity via email or via anonymous form here.