My research is in the field of functional analysis with an emphasis on the classification of group von Neumann algebras. My mathematical interests include operator algebras, ergodic theory, measured group theory, and fractal geometry.

Publications and Preprints

  • Maximal rigid subalgebras of deformations and L2-cohomology, with B. Hayes, D. Hoff, and T. Sinclair, (2019) preprint.
  • R we living in the matrix?, with R. Araiza, Notices of the American Mathematical Society (2019) Volume 66, Number 8, Pgs. 1216-1224, pdf.
  • Classification of tensor decompositions of II1 factors associated with poly-hyperbolic groups, with S. Pant, (2018) preprint.
  • Tensor product decompositions of I1 factors arising from extension of amalgamated free product groups, with I. Chifan, and W. Sucpikarnon, Communications in Mathematical Physics (2018), 1-32, preprint.
  • W * -rigidity for the von Neumann algebras of products of hyperbolic groups, with I. Chifan, T. Sinclair, Geometric and Functional Analysis 26 (2016), 136-159, preprint.
  • Multifractal analysis via scaling zeta functions and recursive structure of lattice strings, with M. L. Lapidus, S. A. Roby, and J. A. Rock, Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society 600 (2013), 205-238,preprint.