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Math Circle People

Olga Radko is the Founding Director of the LAMC. She received her Ph.D. in mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2002 specializing in Poisson Geometry, and is currently an Academic Administrator  at the UCLA department of Mathematics. Olga started LAMC in 2007 and has been leading it since then. She recruits and trains all of the LAMC's instructors, develops curriculum and oversees all aspects of the program.                                                            

Oleg Gleizer is the Chief Curriculum Developer  and the Lead Instructor of the Early Elementary group at the LAMC.  He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2001 from Northeastern University of Boston specializing in representation theory and special functions. Oleg sees his mission in inventing ways to present some important parts of modern day Mathematics (and occasionally Physics), typically reserved to college, to the children from age four and up. 


Circle Docents

Meijke Balay-Mickelson is a second year math major. He is also a tutor and teaching assistant for AoPS. His research interests are geometric analysis and mathematical physics.
Preston Carroll a senior Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics student. He recently finished his minor in Mathematics with a focus on application in topics such as cryptology and game theory as well as mathematical modeling of biological systems.
Vivian Dinson .
Sam Gawboy Iím an enthusiastic Math and Physics graduate from UCLA. Iíve always had interest in finding how the areas of my studies interact with and provide greater understanding of each other. In terms of tutoring and teaching, my goal is to have my students not only understand and be able to use what is taught, but to also have an opinion and overall enthusiasm about the topic.
Matthew Gherman Matthew Gherman
Oleg Gleizer Dr. Gleizer is a pedagogical innovator. His daily job is creating the 21st century math curriculum. Dr. Gleizer takes the best from the great text-books and teachers of the past, mostly Russian and American, and adds the math typically taught in college, adjusting it to the cognitive level of his students, from kindergarten to 12th grade. Dr. Gleizer has graduated with honors from the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at Moscow State University, got his Ph.D. in math at Northeastern University, and was a Post. Doc. and assistant professor at UCLA Department of Mathematics. Dr. Gleizer works as Chief Curriculum Developer and Lead Instructor at Los Angeles Math Circle for the past seven years.
Kyle Hess
Daniel Hoff Daniel Hoff
Adam Lott
Anton Lykov I am a fourth year UCLA Mathematics and Computer Science student. I have been teaching school students for over 5 years, and enjoy it. Besides teaching, I like playing soccer.
Konstantin Miagkov
Michael Puthawala Michael Puthawala
Christina-Marie Santillan Communications Coordinator, UCLA Department of Mathematics
Courtney Scott
Robert Shlyakhtenko Robert Shlyakhtenko
Cassandra Tai
Christine Tai

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Osman Akar
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