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Welcome to the Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC)!


*  We are no longer accepting applications into Breaking Numbers into Parts (BNP), our Kindergarten Program. All  applicants were tested on  September 8th. Qualified  students will be admitted into  the program and notified no later than September 15th.  Due to  the continuity of curriculum,  additional students will not be able to join the BNP program once the program is under way.  

* Before applying to any other group, please go over FAQs (click on the tab on the left). 

Please read the information below carefully before applying. 

  • The dates for the Fall session are October 6th -- December 8th.
  • All classes take place at UCLA on Sunday afternoons.
  • There is no meeting on December 1st (Thanksgiving weekend)
Please go over FAQs to learn more about our enrollment process.

For new students, summer is usually the best time to join the program.

Enrollment for new students 

  1. The only new group we are starting in the Fall is "Breaking Numbers into Parts" (BNP)  program for Kindergarten students. All applicants will be tested on September 8th. You need to apply online ин order to be invited for the testing. Students who did not apply online will NOT be admitted into the testing room.
  2. All the groups for grades 1-12 are currently completely full.  In order to be considered for a spot (in the unlikely case it opens up), please submit the application form answering all questions in detail. Preference will be given national winners to Math Kangaroo and American Math Competitions (AMC8, AMC10, AMC12), with some consideration for siblings of current students. There is no testing into any of the older groups as we anticipate none or at best very few spots.
  3. New students must submit their applications to the groups corresponding to their grade level (independently of the classes they take in school). Please use the guide below to select the correct group:
    • grades 2-3 -- Beginners 1A
    • grades 3-4 -- Beginners 2A
    • grades 5-6 -- Intermediate 1A
    • grades 7-8 -- Intermediate 2A
    • grades 9-10 -- Advanced 1A
    • grade 11 -- Advanced 2A
    • grade 12 -- Advanced 2B
    Submitting an application puts you on the list of people interested in the program. If a space opens up, we go through all applications for this group and select the candidate for the spot based on the information you provided. If we have any questions, we will send you a follow-up email.
  4. Summer session is designed specifically for new students. Academic year students are not accepted into the summer session. Thus, this is the best way for a new student to experience the math circle. Applications are out every May. All the applicants are tested. Usually, we only have most of elementary and middle school grade levels in the summer session.
  5. To get started, go to "Apply to LAMC" on the left. Create an account. Add your child(ren) to the account. For each child, submit an application for 19F. Please answer all questions in detail. If a spot opens up for your child, we will contact you right away. Please keep in mind that we expect no more than 1-2 spots in each of the existing groups.

Enrollment for continuing students

All continuing academic year students in good standing  are guaranteed a spot in the math circle.However, you still have to submit the application. If your child was enrolled into the academic program in 2018-2019, please follow the directions below to select the correct group.

Old Early Elementary 1  (lead instructor was Oleg)

enroll into Beginners 1A if you were in 3:45pm group;
enroll into Beginners 1B if you were in 5pm group;


Old Early Elementary 2  (lead instructor was Courtney)


enroll into Beginners 2A if you were in 3:45pm group;
enroll into Beginners 2B if you were in 5pm group;


Old  Junior circle group (lead instructor was Preston)

Starting this year, this will be a 2 hr group meeting 4-6pm.  

enroll into Intermediate 1A if you were in 3:45pm group;

enroll into Intermediate 1B if you were in 5pm group;


Old Beginners group (room MS 3915H, lead instructor was Michael)


Enroll into Intermediate 2A

Old Beginners group (room MS 3974, lead instructors were Cassandra & Christine)

Enroll into Intermediate 2B


Old Advanced group (room MS 6201, lead instructor was Konstantin)


Enroll into Advanced 1A


Old Advanced group (room MS 6221, lead instructor was Anton)


Enroll into Advanced 1B


Old  HS1 group (lead instructors Adam & Matt)


Enroll into Advanced 2A


Old  HS2 group (lead instructors Kyle & Meijke)


Enroll into Advanced 2B


Recent News

Congratulations to our 2019 graduating seniors!

(Left to Right): Emily Wesel, Ian Joffe, Pranav Kalyan, and Emma Wong


Ian will be attending Berkeley Engineering. He has been in Math Circle for 4 years. 

Ian scored a perfect score on his Math SAT, a 5 on his AP Calculus BC exam, and is a National Merit Scholarship finalist. He is also a TA in his schools Mathematics department and has been self-employed as a math tutor for five years.  He has been awarded the highest level (platinum status) in American Mensa’s Honor Society.


Emily is going to Stanford University next year to major in Computer Science. She’s been a Math Circle participant for the last six years. 

 “Thank you for making Math Circle happen! It has truly helped me mature as a math student.”  


Emma was accepted into MIT, but is undecided on her major. She has been a Math Circle participant for seven years.


(Left to right) Rowan Wang and Olga Radko

Rowan will be attending UCLA with a major in Psychobiology or Neuroscience. She has attended Math Circles for about 7 years. She is also a previous winner of the Raytheon MathMovesU scholarship, and this past year she won the Hart High School District CSF Scholarship. In athletics, Rowan won Beam and placed third All-Around at Level 9 Nationals for gymnastics.

Coming up next weekend:

10/6 -- Beginners 1A:

Fall 2019 session starts in all groups