Los Angeles Math Circle


Dates for the next quarters and next academic years are available in the FAQs  section of the web page.

Fall 2019 groups and locations

First meeting: Sunday, October 6th
Last meeting: Sunday, December 8th

Please note that only officially enrolled students will be able to participate. 


Name of the Group Grade Levels Location Time(s) Lead Instructor(s) Assistants
1 Breaking Numbers into Parts K-1 MS 6201 9:00-9:50
Vivian Moy-Dinson Lydia Qin
2 Beginners 1 A&B 2-3 MS 6229 3:45-4:45 (1A)
5:00-6:00  (1B)
Oleg Gleizer TBA
3 Beginners 2 A&B 3-4 MS 3915G 3:45-4:45 (2A)
5:00-6:00 (2B)
Doug Lichtman (2A),
TBA (2B)
Chynna Swift
Ashin Jose
4 Intermediate 1 A&B 5-6 TBA & TBA 4-6pm Preston Carroll (1A)
TBA ( 1B)
Kristi Intara
Nitya Ravi
5 Intermediate 2 A&B 7-8 MS 3915H (1A)

MS 3974  (1B)
4-6pm Hunter Gawboy (2A)
Christine & Cassandra Tai (2B)
Group 2A
Richard Yim
Aaron  Cohen

Group 2B
6 Advanced  1  A&B 9-10
MS 6201 (1A)
MS 6221 (1B)
4-6pm Eilon Tzur (1A)
Anton Lykov (1B)
Group 2A

Group 2B

7 - 9-10 MS 6620 4:00-6:00 Matt Gherman
Adam Lott
Dann Hoff
Bryan Hu
Steven Qu
Daji Landis
8 High School II 10-11 IPAM 4:00-6:00 Kyle Hess
Meijke Balay-Mickelson
Dann Hoff
Aaron Anderson
Haris Khan
Clark Huang
Yan Tao
Mya Greene