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Mathematics 32 B: Calculus of several variables (integration)

Instructor: Olga Radko, MS 5366
Office hours: TBA

TAs: Victoria Noquez, OH: Tu 1:30-2:30 in MS3903 and Th 1-2 in SMC
Wenye Ma, OH: Th 1-2 in IPAM 1129D and Tue 9-10 in SMC
David Roberts, OH: Th 9-10 in MS3905 and W 9-10 in SMC

Class Syllabus

Textbook: J. Stewart, Calculus, 6th edition.

Course material: We will study integral calculus of several variables, line and surface integrals.

Prerequisite: Math 32 A.

Homework: The homework is due every Friday in class. Graded homework will be returned to you in your section on next Tuesday or Thursday. The homework is an essential part of the class. Each week, several chosen problems will be graded, and in addition a certain score will be assigned for completeness. Two lowest homework scores will be dropped in the computation of your final grade. Late homework will not be accepted and there will be no make-up homework.

Midterms: There will be two midterms on Monday, January 24th and Monday, February 14th (dates are to be confirmed) during the regular class hours. Please make sure you have no time conflicts. There will be no make-up exams. However, if you miss a midterm, the missed midterm will not count but the remaining midterm and the final exam will count for more.

Final exam: The final is on You must take the final in order to pass the class.

Grading: Your final class score will be computed as the maximum of the following:

10% Homework + 35% (best of two Midterms) + 55% Final
10% Homework + 25% Midterm 1 + 25% Midterm 2 + 40% Final

Grading complaints: If you believe a problem on a quiz, a homework or an exam has been graded incorrectly, or that your score was not correctly recorded, you must bring this to the attention of the instructo withing 14 calendar days of the due date of the assignment in question, or the date of the exam or quiz, and before the date of the final exam . Grading complaints not initiated within this period of time will not be considered. Please verify in a timely manner that your scores are correctly recorded on MyUCLA.

If you have any questions about the class, please post a message in the
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